Top 5 Key Lessons from my 31st Year on Earth!

For everyone who sent me a birthday greeting over the past few days, I wanted to say thank you. I posted this on Instagram (@makelifetap) but thought the LinkedIn community may also find this helpful. This past year has been an amazing adventure, from traveling the world for 10 weeks, to moving onto the beach in Miami to finally setting up my own staffing firm (Focus Global Talent Solutions).  In this time I've learned a lot, so here are my top 5 lessons from the past year.

Don't Settle - I don't mean say you won't settle, because almost everyone does that. I'm talking about really making that a lifestyle and living this way. You deserve way more in your life than you give yourself credit for, so get out there now and start creating the life that you want! What in your life have you had enough of? What have you told yourself that you were going to change year after year after year? How about that New Years Resolution? Is it still alive and well or have you already given up. Stop doing that! Don't settle for a life that's less than you deserve, or envision for yourself! Make it happen!

Change Happens in an Instant - Everyone that ever told you change happens over time is wrong. Now I know someone is going to get all technical on me in the comments and I get that things can take time, but I'm talking about internal change. Let me prove it to you, think of a time in your life when you drew a line in the sand and said "this is it, enough is enough, this will never happen again!" and then you stuck to it. Change didn't occur in the sticking to it part, it happened when you drew the line in the sand. Be encouraged that anything you want to change in your life you can draw a line in the sand now and make the change!

It's relatively easy to create an online business that will bring in 6 figures a year in revenue - After attending Grant Cardone's 10X conference last year and seeing Russell Brunson talk about funnel hacking I started an online business that in 6 Months has grown to a significant amount in residual income per month. I'm not talking about an MLM here. This is a legitimate online business. Was it difficult? Honestly, not really, but there is a method to these things and I needed to learn skills to make this happen. This weekend I attended the Millionaire Mastermind group at Tai Lopez's house in LA and now I'm convinced that it's going to be easy to create an online business that will bring in 7 figures per year in revenue. Watch this space! I'll keep you updated.

Retirement is a JokeOne year ago right before my 31st Birthday, Britt and I took off for 10 weeks of traveling around the world and staying at some of the greatest hotels on earth (kinda sounds like a mini-retirement huh?). I can tell you right now, it get's old. What doesn't get old though is providing value for people in some way. Now I don't want to paint everyone with the same brush so maybe you're the type of person that can sit around and do nothing for extended periods of time, but from the people I've talked to and from my own personal experience I feel much more content when I'm accomplishing something and bringing value to others. Two points from this, first don't wait to live the life you want to live for some magical day in the future. We're not promised tomorrow, so that day may never come. Secondly, once you find what you love to do, don't ever stop doing it.

I think way too small: At the beginning of this calendar year, I decided I was going to invest more than ever before in self-development. In the first 3 months of this year, I've spent more money than the past 2, getting to various conferences and surrounding myself with big thinkers. All I can say is I don't think big enough and I've expanded my vision greatly for every area of my life.

So there you have it, the top 5 things I've learned in the last 12 months. Going into 32 now, all I can say is the best is yet to come!