3 Brilliant Time Savers that Mean You’ll Never Miss Out On Your Rockstar Candidate

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Hiring can be a stressful process. It's not a quick to-do that you can mark off your checklist? Or can it? Let’s be real here, building a world-class cutting edge Analytics team can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But don’t fret! I want to share with you 3 times savers you can focus on throughout your hiring process that will help you fill that empty hole in no time!

1. Coordinating Interview Time Slots

“As we all know, time is money and money is time.”

Whether you are working with a recruiter or working with your HR team. Locking in specific times for candidates can be chaotic. When you are giving the role to your trusted partner, you should also be coordinating times that you would be available to interview people in the next couple of days.

By organizing time slots with your recruiting specialist ahead of time, they can get these candidates booked into your calendar immediately. This will eliminate the back and forth communication of trying to get these interviews coordinated which could be the difference in getting the right candidates for your team.

2. Give A Thorough Job Spec

As you are giving the job description to your trusted partner, make sure to stress what is the essential and desired skill sets your ideal candidate will possess. You can drastically reduce the number of candidates that you will need to interview before pulling the trigger. I’ve seen it plenty of time; The more time you spend on the front end discussing the perfect candidate requirements the more efficient this process will be. Essentially, slowing down to speed up!

3. Get Everyone On The Same Page

No one likes running around, going back and forth in the interview process.  To avoid this, getting everyone involved on the same page is crucial. If you need approval from a subordinate before pulling the trigger it’s important to have them involved from the beginning, so they can provide their insight before the process begins and not midway or towards the tail end. It’s also crucial for all parties involved to understand the desired skills for the candidate. Sometimes there can be a disconnect in the candidate expectations between the recruiter, hiring manager, technical screener, etc. Making sure that everyone involved in the hiring process recognizes the desired outcome and expectations can help eliminate wasted time on candidates that don’t fit the desired needs of the team.

Remember rockstar candidates are here today, gone tomorrow. Saving time on your end will only increase your chances of the “perfect hire”.

-Collin Hase

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