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Brittany Fox, Thrive Conference

A couple of weeks ago, we attended a conference called Thrive, Make Money Matter. This was the first time any of the Focus GTS team attended the conference, including myself.  The conference was a 3-day event filled with keynote speakers in all different industry who have made an impact, with their stories and their businesses. In this blog, I simply want to share some of the gold nuggets that were deposited into my bank. 
Now on to the good stuff!
This year, I’ve been to more business conferences than any other time in my life. Each conference I walk way empowered, ready to conquer the world and grow my company to the next level. Though each conference is different, one common thread throughout is mindset matters in business.
Wait, what? This isn't something you hear or learn about in business school.
What does my mind have anything to do with my company? 
I’m an entrepreneur, and the company I run is all about tactical and strategic moves… is my initial thought. 
How does my mind as a founder have anything to do with the success of how I run this company?
I’ve been in sales since I was 18 and studying business since 17, so I’ve been in the game for a while. Turns out, mindset has everything to do with business. To quote one of the top business minds in the world, Tony Robbins, says,  “Business is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics (or strategy)”.
We have really big goals for Focus GTS and most people would think we are crazy if they knew what they are. 
But no one ever achieved anything crazy, without doing something crazy. Thanks, Naveen Jain for that gold. When you are running a company, you are faced with all types of obstacles and challenges that show up each day. There is no doubt in my mind that we can achieve the goals we have set. However, sometimes insecurities and fears creep in and hinder us from taking action. As a leader at Focus GTS, it’s my duty to get over my fears and push the company forward. 
At Thrive, they shared a new perspective on how to look at FEAR.
F- face
E- everything
A- and 
R- rise
FEAR- face everything and rise.
Now if that isn’t empowering, I don’t know what is!
Successful people aren’t immune to fear. They are human. We all feel those same emotions. What separates someone from the crowd is what they do with that emotion. They don’t let FEAR hold them back. They face it and rise to the occasion. 
This year, I’ve studied successful people’s habits and routines. Now I’ve also implemented several new habits in my own life, but at the end of the day if I’m not thinking like a successful person. I won’t be successful. Let’s go back to Tony Robbins. Tony jumps into an ice bath every morning.  Now, I can implement that habit into my own life. Monkey see monkey do. But that doesn’t make me like Tony. I could jump in an ice bath 10 times a day and still nothing. Let’s go deeper. Now, if I began to think the way Tony thinks, the possibilities would be endless. Mindset is everything. 
Another takeaway was sometimes the pain of staying in the same place is greater than the pain of moving forward. It’s not going to be easy or fun, but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Too many people are depending on our success at Focus GTS, it would be selfish of me not to overcome my fears and drive this company to where it needs to be.
And my final takeaway, Make Money Matter.
The theme of Thrive Conference is to Make Money Matter. I’ve always had a huge heart to help people. Right after college, Dave and I moved to NYC to work for a non-profit. We quickly learned we were not meant to work in the non-profit space, but we are meant to be in business and with our resources have the capability to help people through that avenue. While at this conference we heard so many stories of how people have created a for purpose for-profit business to give back to their communities or a cause. We have definitely been inspired to do the same! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you gained some bits of wisdom! 
Til next time,
Brittany Fox

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