Your Candidates Are Your Customers

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Creating a brand is one of the hottest topics in the marketing industry. Everyone is talking about it. Marketing influencers and gurus are popping up everywhere on social media offering you their latest tips on how to gain a following, convert those followers in to paying customers and win!

As a lover of marketing and branding myself, I enjoy learning the ins and outs of creating raving fans and strong customer brand loyalty. If you peeked inside my downloads folder you would see MULTIPLE guides, how to’s, best practices all teaching me how to cultivate such a culture. And let’s be real, repeating customers is the lifeblood of your business.

You may be asking, "What does branding have to do with hiring talent for my industry?" This is a recruitment blog, not a marketing blog. My friend, I’m here to tell you, it has everything to do with your company brand. As I was reading up on branding in the recruitment industry, I came across an in-depth resource on how to reimagine our candidates’ journey… sounds similar to the customers' journey. Right?

How candidates experience the interview process, speaks volumes to your brand, by design or default.

Remembering that “Candidates Are Your Customers” is a powerful perspective that will help you reflect on your current hiring process and ask yourself, “What are the candidates thinking after they go through our hiring process?” Hired or not? Would they still be willing to buy from us? If the answer is a no, I would raise the question are you doing more harm than good?

You can ask the following questions below to start improving your hiring process.

  • How long was the interview process? Was it efficient? Did it only take few days, weeks or did it take months?

Typically when talent is looking for a new opportunity, they are lining up interviews left and right. If they right job comes at the right time candidates will take it.

  • How was the communication with the candidate? Did you update them along the process?
  • Did you give them feedback, if they didn’t get the job? Or did you leave them in the dark?

Asking questions like these can help improve your process and BUILD a stronger brand.

I would even venture to say, it’s not just on the marketing department to create raving fans of your company through what promotional material they put out. Everyone should take responsibility, from the front desk to the hiring manager, to the team lead who new talent will be working with. Every interaction should speak and sell the candidate on the culture your brand carries.

Remember your Candidate is your Customer!

"After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again.”

This statistic was shared by, Help Scout, where they did an in-depth customer service survey on how to deliver the best service to your customers. Again, are you doing more harm than good? Our friends at HireVue take a deep dive on the Candidates Journey that is worth checking out!

Some of the biggest takeaways were,

"According to the Talent Board, 41% of candidates who gave their experience the lowest rating said they would take their business elsewhere."


"Candidates satisfied with the candidate experience were 38% more likely to accept a job offer."

I will leave you with this!


Go create a phenomenal Candidate Journey! You may gain more customers. 

Creative Marketing Girl, Rita!