Ferrari vs Prius- What's You Recruitment Process Like?


Have you ever felt frustrated in the hiring process? Do you think you have the perfect new hire but then it falls through? Are there openings popping up left and right? Have you reached the point where you want to climb to the highest mountain and scream, “HELP!”


Filling a job can be time-consuming, draining and quite frustrating. But when you have a  recruiting agency, like Focus GTS who specializes in a niche area, they are better equipped to provide you with what you need. When you are at that point of reaching out for help, be sure to go with the most beneficial recruiter for you… But why choose a specialized expert over a general IT recruiter, you ask? Let’s break it down!


Working with a niche recruiter is almost as simple as saying, “Please make my life easier.”


Let’s start by stating what the difference is between a general IT recruiter and specialized recruiter.


  • IT recruiter: they work on everything in the IT arena (Java, Data Science, Bi, Analytics, SQL, Big Data, etc.)
  • Specialized recruiter: they work only within a tight area of technology. The thought behind this is to avoid being a jack of all trades and a master of none.


Let’s cover a couple of points of how an expert is worth the investment:


  1. So, what is the difference to you? It means that a specialized recruiter can save you the most important commodity of all - TIME. It costs way more than money ever will. If you think of all the dozens of hours you spend trying to find the right person I’m sure it’s mind-boggling. Searching job boards, posting on LinkedIn, looking at resumes (of people that may or may not be qualified, phone interviews, in-person interviews, etc.​
  2. Most people think that bringing in a specialized recruiter to help costs them more money when in reality studies have shown that an open role costs a company $500 per day that it is open. That adds up quickly and will easily surpass the investment of bringing in an expert.
  3. Have you ever dealt with getting a resume for unqualified candidates? Aggravating right? Because you don’t like losing time. An expert knows what to look for, an amateur doesn’t. Think of this - if you have a Ferrari and need an oil change are you going to take it to a general mechanic who works on everything or are you going to take it to an expert who works ONLY on Ferrari’s? What’s the reason? Because you know you will be taken care of professionally, the person working on your valued product is an expert in exactly what you need, and they are going to try sticking an oil filter for a Prius in it. You value your product, and you want it done right.


If you would like to discuss further how a niche recruiting expert is worth the investment, feel free to click the link below to book a free consulting call with me.