3 Interview Tips You Want To Use

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to always get a job they interview for,

yet others consistently struggle to get their point across? Luckily for you, after witnessing

hundreds of interviews first hand and personally accomplishing over 100 myself, I have some answers!


There are many tips out there floating on the wide web that are helpful to the interview process.

Here is a couple of the most important:


Doing research on the company and position prior to showing up!


This seems like a no-brainer… However, you would be shocked by the utter

amount of people who go into an interview blind. This is not Birdbox, Shoutout to Netflix’s latest hit!



Before your interview, you need to have a good understanding of who the company is, what they do, and have a good grasp of what value you can bring to the table. This is your time to shine. Show them you are a person who prepares..


As Ben Franklin said,

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin


Don’t get caught looking like an amateur if your goal is to impress. Take it a step further.  

Go in with a game plan of asking questions. Have a list of a couple things you want to know about them based on the research you did. This shows you are actually interested in this role

and have dedicated time towards identifying why you want to work there and what questions still need to be answered.


Pry to uncover the pain

This one is absolutely crucial. If you do not know why the role is open and the result of it being open, how do you plan on being able to properly add value?


There are tons of great questions for this, but here are some of my favorite:


“So how long has this position been open?”

“Can you give me a better idea of what caused you to open this role?”

“What has been the biggest challenge when attempting to find the right a person to hire?”

“What skills or attributes would your ideal hire have?”


End the interview with the Golden Question

“Based on this interview, do you have any hesitation about me being successful in this position?”

This question gives you a chance to clear up any miscommunications or hesitancy they may have.


These tactics are not magic, they are strategic. Interviewing is an art that anyone can master

with preparation and practice. All in all, remember that the person interviewing you is a human too. Humans all love being heard! When you want to talk, ask a question and listen.


-Adam Weiss