Instantly Remove a Background from an Image with AI Technology

As AI continues to make its sweep across various industries, new tools and products are being developed on a daily basis to help automate the mundane tasks humans spend hours on. 

Last year, Adobe, the leading company for the creative industry released this statement, "Only 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31% are expected to add it over the coming 12 months.” So, 2019 will be filled with more and more AI technology initiatives in companies all around the world. 

With each technology revolution, old ways of doing things are replaced by more efficient ways, thus advancing and streamlining production.

Before my time in the video production world, I’d heard the stories of what it was like to be in the creative industry where everything was analog.

What does that mean?

You recorded on tapes and then had to use the linear editing method.  This method was a time-consuming process where film reels were literally cut into long strips divided by takes and scenes, and then glued or taped back together to create a logical sequence for a film.

We are no longer there.  The digital revolution has replaced that. Thank you! 
We are now living the days of where 4k is everywhere, augmented reality is our hands and VR  takes us to a whole other world. 

In this blog, I would like to highlight one of the most recent tools that have been released. Remove.bg an AI machine learning tool that removes subjects from their background. As of right now, their AI is only trained to work best with people in images, but give it a try and see what happens. 

For anyone who has played around with Adobe’s Photoshop, they know it comes with a bit of a learning curve. You spend countless hours learning how to remove an object. Oh and the various ways to do so. Once you have the technique down. It’s time to go to work.

Then more hours are spent on the execution, image after image, project after project and so forth. However, the reality of these tedious yet highly important tasks is on their way to becoming more automated.

I checked out the remove.bg for myself and it was extremely mind-blowing how easy and quick it was.
I went to the website, selected an image, and in 5-10 seconds. It was done! 

Check out the results,
Original Image:

Remove.bg Image:

As you can see the resolution of the image is lowered, 500 x 500 pixels to be exact, but like most AI technology and tools being released, we are seeing the potential of what it can do. 

The time is coming, rather, sooner than later when we'll hear people say, "I remember the time when I had to use the pen or magic wand tool in Photoshop to cut a person out manually." Now it’s a matter of uploading an image to a website and letting AI do it for you! 

What does this mean for the creative industry?
As technology, tools, and software continue to get better, this will help automate and streamline the creative execution of work.  Most people fear that it will take their jobs, but ultimately it frees up our time to solve problems and spend more time on designing or crafting the perfect message for a piece.

Again, Remove.BG is not the ultimate solution, but I believe it’s the beginning of what AI will do in the creative industry. 

I can’t wait to see what is to come!

Happy Reading,
Rita Feregrino

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