10X Growth Conference 2019 Takeaways

The 10X Growth Conference has come and gone.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of 10X or never heard of the name Grant Cardone, check out his book 10X Rule. In a nutshell, the concept of 10X is to take your dreams, your goals, and your life and aim higher. How high?
10X higher. 
This is the third year Grant Cardone has put on the 10X conference. His whole mission is to create a viable community that teaches and challenges people to think, dream and execute in a bigger way because it is our duty to do so. 
This weekend the Focus GTS team had the opportunity to go to the biggest business conference here in our back yard, Miami and hear from top experts in business, sales, and marketing. 
This conference does not just deliver content on business, marketing, and sales, but the speakers brought in to share life principles, and strategies on how they executed their own version of success. Each person’s road looks a little different but the principles of creating a life you desire are the same.
In this blog, we wanted to share some of the team’s biggest takeaways with one-liners or else we would be here for a long time! Enjoy!
Dave Fox- 2 ways to build success. 1. Work Super-hard 2. Become a celebrity in your market." - Grant Cardone
Brittany Fox- "If you don't grow today, your tomorrow won't change." - John Maxwell
Julius Holt- “Sales and marketing are an intertwined piece of the puzzle in business. Get attention." - Grant Cardone
Adam Weiss- “The 40% rule- when your mind is telling you you’re done, you're really only 40% done." - Jessie Itzler
Rita Feregrino- “Your gift will make room for you and put you in the presence of great men." - Steve Harvey
Katie Daron- "It's better to be known and not liked than not known at all." - Grant Cardone
Collin Hase- “Aim High." -  Sara Blakely
Mauricio Montaldo- “Most people don’t lead their life they accept their life."  -John Maxwell
These takeaways are a slither of the pie. If you would like to check out our IG story we have many highlights we shared throughout the conference you can check them out! 
Always dream bigger, 10X your life and keep pushing further!
From the Focus GTS Family!