Build a Cohesive Leadership Team- Part 5: Focusing On Results

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Build a Cohesive Leadership Team - Part 5: Focusing On Results

In our previous blog, Part 4 we touched on the importance of embracing accountability in order to build a cohesive leadership team. The next and final step that builds upon that is focusing on results.

The whole purpose of building a cohesive team that has great trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability is to achieve results. It turns out that inattention to results is one of the greatest challenges to team success. Most team members have a greater focus on the results that benefit them personally over the results that benefit the team as a whole. Examples of those individual goals are career development, status, ego, commissions, etc.  

The only measure of a great team is whether or not it accomplishes their targets and goals. Some members of teams that don’t regularly succeed will still think that they have a great team because they all care about each other and nobody leaves. What that really means is that they have a mediocre team that enjoys being together and isn’t bothered by failure. “No matter how good a team feels about itself, and how noble its mission might be, if the organization it leads rarely achieves its goals, then, by definition, it’s simply not a good team.”

When it comes down to how a team measures its results, the most important standard is that the goals are shared across the whole team. In most companies and organizations, results are separated by departments which causes disconnection. “The only way for a team to really be a team and to maximize its output is to ensure that everyone is focused on the same priorities.” Regardless of each team members roles and expertise, great teams have all members do whatever they can to help the team achieve their goals.

“Teams that lead healthy organizations to come to terms with the difficult but critical requirement that its members must put the needs of the higher team ahead of their individual needs.” Your team will obtain a monumental advantage when the priorities/goals that are set and committed to, benefits the team.

This is the final part of my 5-Part blog series. I hope you received value from this series as I have from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage. Let me know your thoughts and if it was helpful to you by reaching me on LinkedIn or Instagram.




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