The Job Description - Help Me Help You!

Job Description, Collin Hase

The Job Description- Help us Help You!


When you think of a job description you think of an accurate depiction of what an individual will be doing every day and what the exact requirements are to be successful in the role. Often this is not the case; it's the complete opposite. In our current world, job descriptions are typically either boring or a wishlist of unrealistic requirements. However, the good news is yours doesn't have to.


Better yet, it's your opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd and be effective!


The job description may seem like a minute part of the process to overlook, but there are some indirect benefits to investing time in writing an outstanding job description. 

In an ideal world, your job subscription should be provoking, inspiring, clear, and concise and bring a flood of the RIGHT applicants!


So how do you do that? We will share tips on how to spice up that old job description and get the right people applying to your job.


The function of a job description is a formal account of an employee's responsibilities and requirements to be successful in the role. 


Tip #1 Keep it clear and simple!

Run-on sentence after run-on sentence is not attractive, in any writing. Throughout writing your job description, you want to make sure the potential applicant can get a good understanding of whether or not they qualify for the job. This means the job title needs to be cohesive with the responsibilities, skillsets, and qualifications required for this role.


When you list the position's responsibilities section, this is an opportunity to get specific and detailed but stay concise. Break down their responsibilities. Who will they collaborate with? What ROI will they be in charge of managing and producing? What education is required versus preferred? 


Another way to provide clarity in your job description is to highlight the day to day activities the role will do daily. This helps a candidate to see themselves in your organization. Can they meet up to the standards of the role? Will they enjoy the type of work they will be doing?


Specify how will their role fit into the organization. This helps them have a better understanding of the companies bigger picture and the impact they can have!


Tip #2 Add personality 

Your job description is a place where you can embrace your organization's brand and introduce them to your culture! Let your brand’s voice come through if it's witty, great! If it's super peppy, bring the pep. You are ultimately selling your job through this description. 


Share your company's mission! What are the values you hold? Give candidates as a reason to consider leaving their current position. Spice up the benefits, (but stay truthful!) What are the perks? Bring your dog to work every Friday? Taco Tuesdays?


Tip #3 Make sure it isn't a wishlist

Is your job description a wishlist? Are you looking for that unicorn that doesn't exist? Are you putting added requirements that are only a bonus if a candidate has? 

This could scare people off from applying to the position and you will miss out on great candidates. Be realistic of what's required and what could be learned. 


Ultimately, it's all about getting the right people on the bus. Use your job description to attract the right people, and it will make all the difference in getting the right people in the door!


Get busy, revamping!

Collin Hase