You've Been Invited to the Table

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Will AI Replace People in the Creative Industry?

A question that many people have wondered not just in the creative industry but all industries.  However, today's focus is on the creative sector and inspired by the founder of The Futur, Chris Do and Jamie Myrold, VP of Adobe Design. 

In their interview, they dive into how technology is affecting the design industry and the "evolution of the designer." This is an interview you don't want to miss, so check it out to hear the full conversation!

For someone who has spent countless hours tediously cutting out images for design pieces, or manually transcribing a video, I've wondered when technology will allow me to spend that same time creating or solving bigger problems?

Wouldn't it be nice?

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(cue the famous Beach Boy's song, "Wouldn't It Be Nice")

But seriously, wouldn't it be nice to spend time creating graphics rather than organizing assets and cutting out strands of hairs. Hearing insights from Jamie, it looks like that day will come. How soon? We don't we know?

Initially, many creatives might be scared or intimidated when it comes to this new wave of technology. Or as Jamie referred to, it might be that designers are apprehensive to learning new ways of doing things, messing up our process or our workflow. And everyone knows don't mess up our workflow!

However, we must change our perspective to leverage technology and utilize our skills in other capacities to become problem solvers. The way design was once used in a business is shifting; we had a corner and were told to design something. Now we are being invited to the table, with the business owners, the tech architects, it's now our time to share our thoughts.

"You've been invited to the table. You're at that table because people around the table want your voice to be heard in those conversations." 
-Jamie Myrold

Check out the full interview to hear about Jamie's experience in the design industry and how to shift in the future designer you need to be. 

- Happy Designing!

Rita Feregrino