How Companies can Integrate Data Science into their Company Successfully | Focus GTS

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As more and more companies are beginning to build out their Data Science capabilities to better serve their customers, some may not know where to start. Claudionor Coelho, current Google Sr. Research Scientist, breaks down what it takes to integrate Data Science into a company from the beginning successfully. 

About our Guest:

Current Position: Google Sr. Research Scientist in Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Former Position: VP of SW Engineering, Machine Learning, and Orchestration NVXL Tech

Fun Fact: Received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with Minor in Computer Science from Standford University

Key takeaways:

Start with the data in your company because it is everywhere! (00:32)
Correlate with text data from the web. (00:52) 
Building Koren Translation Chatbots  (01:07)
Will the Chatbot eliminate job? (03:40)