Your Next Gold Candidate Ft. Rigo Roche

AI, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science...

About this Series: Welcome to “Your Next Gold Candidate”

In our new series, “Your Next Gold Candidate”- you’ll hear from top talent themselves in the tech space. They will share their experience in the industry, give real-life examples of how they solved problems, what it’s like to job hunt, (the good, the bad, the ugly) and ultimately what led them to make a decision to take a new opportunity.

Title: Part 1 of Your Next Gold Candidate ft. Rigo Roche,

The man who took data on from a hard drive and did something with it. 

In part 1 of Your Next Gold Candidate ft. Rigo Roche, we introduce you to Rigo Roche, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer who has 6 years of experience in the data science industry. Data Science Recruiter and Co-Founder of Focus GTS, Brittany dives into Rigo’s background and asks what was the first thing he did when looking for a job. Rigo gives us insights on principles he uses in his day to day to solve problems!

If you want to start the process of looking for a job skip to section 14:46 or simply book a call with Brittany Fox!

Key takeaways:

  • The first time Rigo used data (02:01)
  • Rigo’s Expertise in designing algorithms behind applications. (03:10) 
  • Examples of Rigo’s Expertise in Solving Problems  (04:15)
  • Pre-Processing is 80% of the work/biggest Challenge (6:04)
  • Problems in Organizations: The lack of understanding of how data is ingested by models (08:09)
  • Preprocessing your data so it matches your design (10:24)
  • Rigo’s experience in making a jump in a career (13:27)
  • First thing Rigo did when looking for a job (14:37)