Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

The current state of the world is on the cusp of a technical revolution with a future consisting of driverless cars, automatic services and smart homes and cities. Many people are afraid of what this may mean for the job market but a December 2017 Gartner report stated that "by 2020 Artificial Intelligence will create an additional 2.3 Million jobs exceeding the 1.8 Million that it will eliminate". This means that the time has never been better for individuals looking for work in this space. The competition for talent in the AI pool is fierce and with a limited supply of talent, being able to attract and retain the right individuals is becoming increasingly more necessary. At Focus GTS we can help with any AI need, from Data Science to AI Architects. We understand the AI talent market and are committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the competition. Our AI and Data Science teams spend every day speaking with candidates and clients. We have the largest network in the country of AI and Data Scientist professionals. So regardless of your need, we can find the right person in record time without sacrificing any due diligence. 

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