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Search our IT Executive database that highlights profiles of top-rated talent for high-demand roles such as CIO's, CDO's, CTO's.


Finding the right niche Talent to lead an organization in the IT space is challenging and time-consuming. Our team of skilled IT Executive Search Experts maintain regular communication and relationships with high-demand IT Leaders and Executives that work exclusively with us.

Currently, CIO, CDO, and CTO roles remain the hardest specializations to hire. With our unique specialization in sourcing IT Executives specialized in niche technologies, Focus GTS can fill these hard-to-fill roles quickly without sacrificing any due diligence.

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Scroll and filter through top-rated Tech Executive Talent profiles with titles such as Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Data Officers.

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How To Receive Gold IT Executive Talent Profiles In Your Inbox

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    Consult with one of our Executive Search recruitment experts to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

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    Within days start receiving qualified IT Leader profiles your inbox.

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    Our Executive Search recruitment specialists thoroughly pre-screen and pre-qualify every IT Leader. We work hard to ensure you’re getting a highly qualified, technical match that meets the demands and qualifications of the job.

Sourcing in-demand Top Executive IT Leaders isn’t easy.

If you’re tired of handing your open IT Executive role to nontechnical recruiters and HR, we’re here to help. No more endless back and forth messaging with recruitment partners and endless unqualified candidates in your inbox.

Our leading IT Executive search recruiting agency works exclusively with IT Leaders and Executives specialized in executing digital transformation, in-demand skills in various technologies and verticals such as Data, Information, and Technology.
As a leading IT Executive Search recruitment agency, we know the importance of focusing on skilled Executive IT Talent that can provide value to your organization. We successfully screen, source, and find talented individuals in this highly specialized and evolving IT Leadership landscape.


As specialized IT recruitment specialists, we’re not just another recruitment agency. We take pride in nurturing ongoing client and company partnerships. We partner with clients to ensure their success while supporting their vision throughout the entire recruitment process.

We know how challenging it can be to fill niche IT roles or navigate the long process of finding a candidate with a specialized IT skillset. That’s why we streamline the traditional recruiting process through our extensive network of niche candidates and clients. We serve as a liaison between clients and candidates and match the best IT talent so you can go back to focusing on what’s important.
When you work with Focus GTS you can hire Contractors and Full-Time employees.
For contact roles, we work to your budget, and on permanent roles, we work on a flat fee basis.