Analytical Business Consultant

Analytical Business Consultant

Job Description:

Responsible for developing and applying data analytics and analytical modeling to assist with decision making, policy formulation, process re-engineering, and other similar business managerial functions. Typical projects require analytical capabilities, advanced operation research and machine learning methodologies to make critical decisions.


By applying professional methods of quantitative analysis, the Consultant helps provide recommendations to strategic questions; study and analyze existing processes and recommend step-function improvements to operational processes. Duties include collecting and analyzing data, developing decision support tools (applications, models, processes), and delivering recommendations.


1. MBA or equivalent degree


2. Technical undergraduate degree in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, or related


  1. Two or more years experience in Management Consulting, internal consulting or similar with a focus on the intersection of business and analytics.


4. Education or experience background must include knowledge of operations research/management science methods, business processes, problem-solving through quantitative analysis and modeling; project management; programming (Excel/Visual Basic/R/Python); business strategy and finance


5. 5+ years of experience total