Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Position Summary / Job Purpose:

The Cloud Engineer will work closely with our Businesses and Partners while drawing on years of engineering experience, in-depth cloud based knowledge, and technical skills to ensure the deliverable's are of the highest caliber capable of exceeding client satisfaction. This person must have expertise to identify, develop, and implement measures that transform and evolve the enterprise with innovative cloud solutions thereby changing the status quo.



The Cloud Engineer’s contributions will improve resource elasticity, provisioning, be broadly accessible, serve multiple businesses, and be measurable resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness. The Engineer must be able to lead and guide cloud services, supporting systems, cloud components, relationships between cloud components and other environments, values and attributes of cloud design, and governance of the clouds evolution.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:



  • Work with peers and product managers to design, develop, integrate and deploy virtual infrastructure in public and private cloud environments.
  • Develop and integrate build automation platforms such as Terraform and Ansible to aid in the automation of deployment into virtual environments.
  • Develop and integrate monitoring, management and reporting services.
  • Consult to business, business leaders, and partners
  • Build Relationships
  • Integrate tools and services for cloud compute, network and capacity
  • Liaise with various business units, IT groups, work with legal, procurement, risk, compliance and other departments
  • Provide engineered solutions and respective artifacts supporting the use cases life cycle
  • Lead cloud solutions
  • Responsible development and integration of infrastructure end-to-end, designs, standards, processes, practices and tools supporting cloud solutions
  • Responsible for understanding customer requirements and enterprise standards
  • Improving solution performance, robustness, scalability, and business agility
  • Reducing time to market for all cloud use case scenarios
  • Update the enterprise wide cloud engineering framework, best practices and patterns.
  • Develop and document Cloud Engineering Artifacts
  • Work with steering committees and enterprise architecture boards to gain consensus and support for cloud use cases, standards, policies and directions.
  • Develop cloud tooling, technology and process definitions
  • Review and approve cloud components originating from within businesses regions, divisions, and business units
  • Ensure cloud solutions meet stakeholder requirements
  • Monitor adherence to cloud strategies, standards, designs, guidelines and policies
  • Direct, lead, moderate, and drive collaboration of work and participants on respective cloud solutions



Education, Experience, Knowledge & Skills:



  • Strong cloud design and development knowledge
  • In depth familiarity of traditional IT/IS/IM and outsources services
  • Technically strong in all that is cloud
  • Strong with Linux and/or Windows operating systems
  • Solid understanding of networking principals in physical and virtual environments
  • Ability to earn and keep respect of members at all level of the organization
  • Recognized as a cloud leader
  • Strong knowledge off application and application transformation
  • Ability to work with a drive collaboration with others
  • Ability to inspire and lead others
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong understanding of Data Centre Architectures, Infrastructure, Operations of highly virtualized heterogeneous environments


  • Minimum of 5 years, or equivalent, experience with public cloud ( Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Cloud certifications a requirement ( AWS or Azure)
  • Minimum of 8 years experience with application and infrastructure design, development, deployment, management and operations
  • Post-secondary degree, diploma, or equivalent demonstrate-able experience
  • Strong understanding of cloud computing technologies, services, delivery models and Vendors
  • Automation experience using Puppet, Ansible, Terraform or similar technologies and using two or more of the following: Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and others
  • Professional and articulate, yet still approachable.
  • Interpersonally adept, yet work focused.
  • Technically proficient, and aware of self-limitations
  • Strong listener striving to understand others perspectives
  • Like to learn and learn quickly, even under pressure.
  • Have the ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks according to urgency and importance while remaining calm and focused.
  • Ability to convey cloud concepts and recommendations to non-technical people.
  • Others as assigned