Consumer Data Scientist

Consumer Data Scientist

The Consumer Data Science organization works closely with our cross-functional partners, and Twitter's leadership to understand user behavior, inform product decisions, safeguard the health and integrity of our services, and to influence company strategy. We are currently hiring for the following subteams on Consumer Data Science. These high-impact teams value creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. 

What You'll Do:

Support the entire product development lifecycle from product ideation to opportunity sizing to measurement design to experimentation and causal analysis to post-launch learning and iteration into the next development cycle.

"Design and implement experiments or other econometric methods to understand how changes to the platform affect user behavior."

Build novel metrics, identify the impact of product and policies, and study causal impact of our Product launches and Health initiatives.

Work in tandem with team members, applying advanced statistical methods; writing complex data flows using multiple languages/frameworks such as SQL, Scala (Scalding, Spark), Python; and using data visualization tools.

Communicate findings to executives and cross-functional stakeholders.

Cultivate relationships within our teams and with our partners.

Who You are:

You are a self-starter who is capable of learning on the job, taking initiative, and thriving within a large team. 

You are excited to learn and apply new data analysis techniques and tools. You are passionate about insights, not just data and methods. You are a strategic thinker and are able to synthesize technical concepts into actionable recommendations for a diverse audience.

You communicate your findings clearly and effectively to a wide audience of relevant partners and are capable of building meaningful presentations and analyses that tell a story.

You are rigorous, care about data quality, and strive to understand surprising results and underlying mechanisms in your analyses. You combine business insight with detailed data knowledge and statistical expertise to ensure an accurate interpretation of results.

You are a capable mentor. You enjoy knowledge sharing and working with junior teammates to uplevel their skills and take the time to learn from them.

You value teamwork and teammates. You contribute positively and meaningfully to cultivate an inclusive team culture. You are personable, empathetic, and able to connect with each and every person on the team and throughout the company.

Skills: Requirements:

Experience working with and analyzing large datasets to understand behavior, solve problems, and answer business questions.

Strong knowledge of statistics.

Experience using SQL, R, or Python for analysis, modeling, and data visualization.

Masters or Ph.D. involving quantitative data analysis or commensurate work experience.