Conversational UI Designer

Conversational UI Designer

Position Summary:

We are seeking an energetic Conversational UI Designer to join a fast-paced Artificial Intelligence Product Team.  You should be able to write great conversation copy for chatbots and build these into a Conversation AI Platform.  You have confidence mapping empathy and reflecting the persona of our end users in a dialog flow. You have strong ability designing short, crisp and engaging conversations.



  • Design concise, engaging and innovative content and dialog flows for our chatbot products.
  • Use various Conversational AI platforms to bring chatbot conversations to life.
  • Prepare user personas and user stories and implement chatbot dialog flows and natural language processing elements.
  • Participate in design and implementation stages of chatbot from market trials to production deployment.
  • Work closely with content management teams to draft engaging conversational copy.
  • Experiment with different design patterns and research conversational UI approaches.
  • Review the conversation our AI’s have had with their users frequently to define and implement improvements.
  • Track progress of customer specific product improvements and measure impact
    Quality assurance of conversations.
  • Testing and debugging bot code
  • Partner with Product Management teams to maintain and update the Product Backlog
  • Execute the tasks as defined in the sprint plan in order to achieve the sprint goals
  • Learning and becoming an expert in the chatbot development platforms



  • Bachelor's degree in journalism or communication or the like
  • 1-year experience designing and developing Conversational UI Products
  • 1-year experience working with Bot Frameworks / NLU Platforms such as Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson or the like
  • Exceptionally well communication skills - verbal and written. You effectively synthesize, visualize, and communicate your ideas to others
  • Experience in script writing, short story writing and in possession of impeccable spelling and grammar
  • Experience leading design sessions
  • Experience with Agile Software methodologies
  • Experience working with an agile project management tool like Github or JIRA
  • Experience creative writing / blogging
  • Experience as a Product Analyst/Product Owner is a nice to have