Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Position Summary:


We are seeking a talented, experienced and inquisitive Data Scientist to design and implement cutting edge solutions across a breadth of domain areas.  The ideal candidate is well grounded in a mathematical, statistical and probability background, with a broad knowledge of machine learning techniques and cognitive services.


This Data Scientist will focus on architecting, deploying and evaluating the performance of predictive solutions as part of a growing Data Science team.  This individual will work with a multidisciplinary team of driven people to deliver end to end solutions that improve guest experience and address pain points of the business across applications such as Metrics Forecasting, Custumor Behavior Prediction, Clustering, Regression, Deep Learning, Model Maintenance and Tuning, and/or statistical modelling. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


A successful candidate will possess a strong background or operational familiarity in statistics, mathematics, modeling (predictive, forecasting, optimization).  The candidate should demonstrate a progressive maturation of prior predictive projects from ad-hoc requests to fully automated and parameterized solutions architected into broader IT systems.  The candidate should also be capable of and willing to train and mentor colleagues on the proper training, development and deployment of predictive and forecasting models.


This individual will be responsible for analytical support, data mining, scripting / programming, mentorship and stakeholder presentation within the framework of implementing, utilizing and expanding predictive capabilities within the broader Data Science team. 


Major responsibilities include:


  • Apply several forms of statistical (hypothesis testing, sampling, modeling, probability, time-series) and machine learning (neural networks / deep networks, ensemble methods, natural language processing) methods to describe, predict and optimize desired analytical objectives from business stakeholders.


  • Manipulates high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources to highlight patterns, anomalies, relationships and trends.
  • Evaluate the progress of the data science team and company at large on the acclimation of machine learning and statistical models for predictive and forecasting tasks. Recommend steps to improve or enforce utilization of these methods.
  • Empower and enhance the capabilities of the broader data science team on the proper data formatting, model selection and training, and accuracy evalution of deployed models through training, mentoring and project assistance as needed.


  • Collaborate with IT, Business and Analytics stakeholders to design and implement automated and/or parameterized predictive scripts into the wider company data architecture.
  • Assist with research related to customer based analytical practice and develop communications for management and strategies for building institutional knowledge. Work with product and enterprise teams via both Agile And Waterfall Methodologies.


  • Foster a ‘data-driven’ culture based on pragmatism and strategic decision through rigorous factual analysis at all levels.  Should be willing to engage outside the immediate team to expand data science footprint throughout organization.