Data Scientist-Computer Vision

Data Scientist-Computer Vision

Royal Caribbean is seeking a talented, experienced and inquisitive Data Scientist to design and
implement cutting edge solutions within the domain area of computer vision, video analytics,
visual computation and machine-based image recognition. The ideal candidate has a strong
background in a mathematical, statistical and technical capabilities with specialized knowledge in
developing or utilizing both pre-trained and custom-developed deep learning models
This Data Scientist will be part of the growing Data Science team and work within the Artificial
Intelligence practice within Royal Caribbean. This individual will work with a multidisciplinary
team of driven people to deliver end to end solutions that improve guest experience and address
pain points of the business across applications such as Deep Learning model development,
Image Recognition, Event Detection via Video, Facial Recognition, Sentiment Scoring, Traffic
Flow Optimization and Analytic insight from computer vision algorithms.

A successful candidate will be a person who possesses a very strong background and
operational familiarity with statistics, mathematics, deep learning model development
(Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc…), deep learning models (CNNs, LTSM, SSDN, etc…) with
applications in video or image-based machine-learning solutions. The candidate should also be
capable of, willing to, and actively involved in training and mentoring colleagues of all skill levels
on the proper use of computer vision or other data science methods methods.
This individual will be responsible for analytical support, data mining, scripting / programming,
mentorship and stakeholder presentation within the framework of implementing, utilizing and
expanding computer vision capabilities within both the core Data Science and broader A.I.
Major responsibilities include:
? Leading and own the direction of computer vision and video analytics projects with
respect to solution design, model development, identifying resource needs and
evaluating resource contributions to project goals

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? Application of multiple forms of statistical (hypothesis testing, sampling, modeling,
probability, time-series) and machine learning (neural networks / deep networks)
? Manipulates high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources to highlight
patterns, anomalies, relationships and trends.
? Evaluate the progress of the data science team and company at large on the acclimation
of computer vision and applicable deep learning techniques. Recommend steps to
improve or enforce utilization of computer vision methods.
? Collaborate with the Data Science Manager on establishing and enforcing Data Science
best practices, researching new tools or capabilities for development, and evaluating
team progress on the acclimation of Data Science methods
? Evaluating team completion of tasks and tickets and ensure they match acceptance
criteria in lieu of Data Science Manager
? Empower and enhance the capabilities of the broader data science and A.I. teams on
the proper setup, scripting and deployment of computer vision solutions through training,
mentoring and project assistance as needed
? Collaborate with IT, Business and Analytics stakeholders to design and implement
computer vision frameworks into the wider company data architecture.
? Assist with research related to customer based analytical practice and develop
communications for management and strategies for building institutional
knowledge Work with product and enterprise teams via both Agile and Waterfall
? Speak to both the software and hardware needs of a proposed computer vision solution,
including necessary CPU, GPU and Memory needs required
? Foster a ‘data-driven’ culture based on pragmatism and strategic decision through
rigorous factual analysis at all levels. Should be willing to engage outside the immediate
team to expand data science footprint throughout organization.
BASIC Qualifications
? Master’s degree in Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematics, Economics, Computer
Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering or field of comparable foundations
in mathematical and statistical analysis through the use of models, algorithms or
programmed solutions.
? 5+ years experience with any of the following programming languages: R, Python, Java,
C++, C#, Scala, SAS or similar scripting languages. Similar experience and proficiency
with SQL required.
? 5+ Experience with applying machine learning and A.I. solutions to video capture or
images, either by live feed or files, and applying Image Recognition, Facial Recognition,
Sentiment Capture, Crowd Size or Object Detection
? Experience utilizing pre-trained computer vision frameworks such as YOLO, Darknet and
? Experience with Deep Learning tools and packages such as TensorFlow, Keras, H2O,
and Theano

Document4 Revised 4-1-2010 updated ADA Page 3 of 4 4/26/2019
? Experience with data mining processes (SEMMA, CRISP-DM), data preparation,
consolidation, imputation, transformation, interaction, variable reduction, modeling,
maintenance, and post-mortem analysis.
? Experience with statistical methods such t-test of means, Tukey-HSD tests of means on
groups, ANOVA, Proportion tests, data normalization and scaling, univariate and
multivariate outlier detection.
? Experience with deep learning modeling techniques such as Convolutional Neural
Networks, Long Short Term Memory networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and
Generative Adversarial Networks
? Strong Oral and Written skills.
? Candidate has attained or is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program for Statistics,
Operations Research, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering,
Physics, Chemical Engineering or field of comparable foundations in mathematical and
statistical analysis through the use of models, algorithms or programmed solutions.
? Experience with Agile Software Development.
? Experience in a large corporation or consulting firm with focus in marketing strategies,
modeling, CRM and management sciences/statistics highly desired.
? Experience with cloud computing frameworks or API’s such as Microsoft Azure and
Amazon Web Services.
? Experience in a large corporation or consulting firm practicing marketing strategies,
modeling, CRM and management sciences/statistics is; Highly desired.

Our ideal candidate:
? Must have a strong background in one or more of the following: Mathematics, Statistics,
Probability, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer
Vision, Recommendation Systems, Pattern Recognition, Large Scale Data Mining or
Artificial Intelligence.
? Demonstrates a strong capacity for learning and assimilating new techniques, tools and
? Comfortable with preparing or collaborating on presentation decks as well as delivering
final stakeholder presentations as primary or supporting presenter.
? Has knowledge and can quickly ramp-up and leverage cloud-based cognitive service
APIs such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and/or IBM Watson.
? Is passionate about your work, but willing to support several projects at one time and
can accept reprioritization as necessary.
? Comfortable delivering within an agile program.