Manager, BI & Analytics

Manager, BI & Analytics

Cerebro - 

  • Lake of guest data and consolidating it across 
  • Currently in it’s raw form

Title is open - 

Access layer takes it from cerebro but anyone who uses it can only pull it using SQL statements from Access layer

  • Could pull it using Power BI, XL, SAS, Toad , Tableau, Hyperion, MicroStrategy 
  • Dremio is the access lawyer - and it can only be accessed using SQL statements
  • 21 Super users will use it for a month then come back with requirements
  • Power BI and XL can now access it 
Looking for an individual with a strong analytical BI Background
  • Need to go through a rationalization of BI portfolio, figure out which ones it will support and then develop the connections
  • This will be a manager level
  • Will manage team of 2 to 10
  • Background of coding - should understand this stuff
  • Techno Functional - enough experience across suite of tools
  • Business Facing - Would report directly to Andrew Smith 
  • Want to be able to model, extract it etc. 
  • Digital Analytics Background helps - Adobe Analytics helps too