Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist who will be responsible for the technical aspects of running the data science team, designing and developing data science driven products and services, and identifying new and innovative ways data science can be applied to benefit the business. This is a high level of visibility role to senior management and key decision makers.

Leveraging data science to advance the services offered to our customers is one of the principal priorities of our firm. Help us take the HR and recruiting space towards a data driven future, build tools to help provide career options and advice to job seekers, and to help employers find the best qualifying talent.
Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Supports and ensures collaboration across the organization and key stakeholders

  • Determines the technical direction of the data science team, in terms of tools and core technologies

  • Ensures that the work of the team contributes to the strategic goals of the department and of the organization

  • Designs the high level architecture of the data science applications

  • Prioritizes data science workload \ manages current projects to ensure key deliverables are met

  • Evangelizes data science both within and outside of the organizations

  • Mentors data science team members and guides their development in technical areas

  • Advises leadership on future initiatives

  • Performs data extraction, visualization, analysis, model development

  • Designs and builds data-driven products and services

  • Applies big data/advanced analytics to identify and exploit insights with positive business impact


What are we requiring for this role?

  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning and NLP algorithms and techniques

  • Strong programming skills, especially in Python

  • Understanding of data storage technologies: relational databases/SQL, XML, JSON, etc.

  • Experience processing large structured and unstructured datasets

  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills

  • 5 or more years relevant work experience working as a data scientist or in a data-related role

  • 5 or more years of experience developing software is a plus.