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Senior Artificial Intelligence Researcher / NLP Engineer

Gautam Mohar

Gautam Mohar
Willing To Relocate Anywhere in the United States
Base ID: 71019


M.S in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professional Experience

  • Built an AI framework consisting of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for identifying patterns in the historical datasets.
  • Improved the analyst consensus from 52% to 74% for predicting the Lines of Influence in Stock Market using the Natural Language Processing framework and financial data.
  • Extract meaningful topics out of a corpus of large text data or real-time streaming data. Reduced the manual human effort for hierarchical topic discovery from an average of 140 individual hours across 500,000 to 1 million tokens to less than 2 minutes.
  • Led a team of data scientists and software engineers to source data from multiple data sources such as DBPedia, WikiData, NewsAPI, etc., and helped them perform ETL transformations/analytics on it.
  • Improved the business value and efficiency for automatically validating the incoming text data from multiple sources and the benchmark was more than 95% of improved accuracy.
  • Summarized huge amounts of real-time streaming multi-modal data with regards to the specialized topics that can change on a daily basis. (Approximately 9 billion tokens of text data were summarized over a period of 24 hours).
  • Artificial Intelligence Researcher & Data Science Certified

Previous Company

Tata Consultancy Services

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Data Science Manager

Joseph Thomas

Joseph Thomas
New Jersey, Jersey City - United States
Base ID: 65302


2009 – B.S. Electrical Engineering & B.S. Computer Science – Texas Tech University

Professional Experience

  • Global technical leadership experience with 10+ years of professional experience.
  • Leading the global Computer Vision / AI organization, responsible for researching, developing, and delivering market-disrupting production-grade technologies to the automotive insurance and repair industries.
  • Develop and maintain technical roadmaps, project schedules, staffing plans, and budgets to align with product priorities, sales needs, and financial targets
  • Delivered technical presentations at trade shows, public seminars, and private events with up to 200 attendees.
  • Staffed and managed a team of 5 controls engineers researching and implementing novel control algorithms and hardware for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light sources used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Previous Experience



AI & Machine Learning Certificate

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