What Tech Startups Should Be Doing To Hire Top IT Talent

September 14, 2020

We’ve been talking to a lot of CEOs, CIOs, CDO’s, and CTO’s of up-and-coming Silicon Valley tech startups.

Many of these tech startups have the same urgent problems: 

  1. Hiring qualified IT talent 
  2. Building a team of capable employees that can translate the vision of an organization 

When it comes to building financial capital, almost every conversation begins with financing…

Tech startups should lean toward hiring an IT specialized staffing agency

Due to the lack of a dedicated internal recruiting team, many tech startups will naturally lean toward hiring a contingent staffing agency

However, these agencies charge a fee for every role they fill, making hiring very expensive.

This strategy provides an incentive to the recruiter to get a QUICK hire instead of a QUALITY hire.

Here is our advice: STOP!

This is WHY recruiters have gained a bad reputation…

Recruiters are the first experience your candidate will have with your tech startup 

First impressions are everything. The first experience your candidates will have will be through the outreach done by a recruitment partner. 

THINK about it. 

Recruiters are some of the most impactful marketers for tech startups. They provide candidates with initial information about job opportunities and are often the first point of contact. 

If done right, this strategy can establish a tech startup’s reputation within the software community. It can also strengthen the brand with other industry professionals and build rapport

With a wide range of staffing agencies, here is what you need to know as a SaaS startup leader…

Work with strategic staffing agency partners, not just any professional 

Don’t just leave the hiring to any professional; work with strategic staffing agency partners.

Getting a new company off the ground is already hard as it is.  It gets even more difficult when you hire your first round of leadership roles.

The SOLUTION is simple.  

Work with a strategic staffing agency in the tech space that can help remove the burden of sourcing and recruiting. 

Once the management team is in place, we work with them to recruit for the next round. 

Now that we are aligned on the mission and have a better understanding of your organization’s needs, the process becomes seamless. 

Tech startups should choose a partner that can do more than just source and hiring

A true partner can help a new tech startup design a seamless recruiting and hiring process. So, when you’re expanding, you’re equipped with all the tools you need.

As niche IT staffing agency specialists, we develop an infrastructure (e.g. building job descriptions, setting up compensation levels, choosing an ATS). 

Plus, we handle the end-to-end IT recruiting process – everything from setting up interviews to driving hiring managers engagement, as well as negotiating an offer. 

Your staffing agency should help you clarify your job description requirements and educate you on the hiring market and competitive compensation.

They should also act as a brand ambassador for your company. This includes connecting you with top tech executives who aren’t necessarily looking for a job but trust their recruiters to only send the best opportunities their way. 

This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that from the first hire onward, your organization has a well designed and effective IT recruitment process.

You know you’ve found the right partner when you start feeling less hiring pressure. You also finally begin to see some of your freed up resources so you can focus on what needs your attention to create your success. 

With that said, finding the right staffing agency is important. Don’t settle on a contingent firm. They’re not going to have your true interests at heart.

Find an IT staffing agency that can be a true partner and can take your tech startup to the levels of success that you deserve. 

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