Focus GTS is a specialty tech staffing agency and placement firm with a focus on four areas of technology. The sectors we focus on are IT Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Services.

Founded by Dave Fox, who has been working in the IT staffing and IT recruitment space since 2010, Focus GTS brings a creative and consultative approach to helping both our clients and candidates.

As a niche tech staffing agency, we understand finding the right talent (especially in a niche area) can be extremely difficult, and navigating the waters of finding a new job can be challenging.

Our mission is to make IT recruitment as painless and efficient as possible, and it’s that attitude that will shine through in every interaction with a member of our team.


“For Purpose, IT Staffing Firm”

Dave Fox
Dave Fox Founder & President

Dave’s journey in the IT staffing and recruitment industry started back in New York City in 2010. Where he stumbled upon a Craigslist Ad for a global staffing agency that was expanding their reach to the U.S. For the next 8 years, Dave moved from trainee IT recruiter to running an entirely new market. Dave Fox is dedicated to creating the most innovative IT staffing and recruitment agency in the United States.

Brittany Fox
Brittany Fox Co-Founder & CEO

Brittany oversees the day to day operation of Focus GTS as well as the IT staffing and recruitment for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Brittany has a way of helping people with some of the most important decisions they will encounter in life, like purchasing a home and finding a place to work. When Brittany is not focusing on staffing and recruitment at Focus GTS, she can be found doing yoga.


Lizzie Stanislawski
Lizzie Stanislawski Director of Talent & Culture

Elizabeth Stanislawski is the Director of Talent and Culture at Focus GTS. Having worked as District Manager, then Talent Acquisition Specialist, and as a Human Resources Business Partner for two Fortune 500 companies, Lizzie brings considerable experience in human resources to the team. She specializes in internal recruitment, which has helped Focus GTS to build a world-class team. Lizzie is responsible for developing the company’s culture, recruiting and training new hires, and strategic planning. She sets a positive example for our team by bringing a can-do attitude and a zeal for building relationships.

 Joseph Musa
Joseph Musa Head IT Manager

As Head IT Manager of Focus GTS, Joseph Musa leads the IT staffing and recruitment team and is responsible for every recruiter in Miami, Fl. headquarters. For the last 7 years, Joseph has built his career as an international IT staffing and recruitment Headhunter. In his last role, he was a Senior IT Lead Recruiter. Joseph is most passionate about matching people to incredible opportunities so that they can care for their families.


Our values

We know at the end of the day, results are what matter. We wholeheartedly believe if we haven’t gotten the results we promised, we haven’t done our job effectively. As a niche IT staffing agency, we promise to make IT recruitment easy for you, and we will do whatever it takes, as long as it’s both moral and ethical, to get the results both our candidates and clients are searching for.
In an industry known for cutting corners, we pride ourselves on standing up for what’s right. As a top IT staffing agency, we are looking to build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates that result in a mutual benefit, not just a quick deal.
At Focus GTS, we understand people are the most valuable asset. Our relentless attitude allows us to serve our clients the best candidates they will ever encounter in a niche industry. As a high-end IT staffing agency, we search high and low, day and night to find candidates that supersede the job description. Going the extra mile is a part of our DNA.
We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. At Focus GTS, we believe businesses that don’t innovate will not survive. Our vision is to be at the forefront of IT recruitment and be the most innovative IT staffing agency in the USA. As a tech staffing agency, we continually make the process of recruiting more efficient for our clients and the process of advancing one’s career easier for our candidates.
In the world of IT staffing and recruitment, knowledge is power. We’re not afraid to ask the extra question to save time in the long run. Focus GTS believes in transparency in all of our interactions. Our market specialists pride themselves in not only staying up to date on market trends and information but being a resource to our clients and candidates, so they can stay ahead of the curve too!