3 Step Guide to Strategic IT Recruitment

October 23, 2020
3 Step Guide to Strategic IT Recruitment

Any hiring manager will tell you that strategic recruitment is an art. While anyone can pick up a paintbrush and a canvas, it requires real skill and talent to make it work. When it comes to recruitment strategy, it’s one of the most expensive parts of owning a business. Every day a role remains unfilled, the more money it costs the business. 

As if that wasn’t enough pressure, it can be just as costly if you hire the wrong candidate. A company is only as strong as its employees. This is why it’s vital that you have the right strategy when finding someone new to bring on the team. 

The 3 Steps to Perform Strategic Recruitment

  1. Internal or External Strategic Recruitment?
  2. Identifying Your Hiring Needs Properly
  3. Contact Valuable References

Internal or External Strategic Recruitment?

There are two ways to recruit candidates for a role: internally or externally. The former refers to the process of hiring someone using an internal recruiter, such as an HR representative. This is the cheapest option, as it does not require assistance from outside entities. However, internal recruiters typically hire for multiple roles in different departments and may not have the knowledge to ask the right screening questions. Do you really want someone with little coding experience to evaluate a front-end developer’s skills? 

An external recruiter, on the other hand, likely specializes in the industry you’re recruiting for. Therefore, they may be better at finding qualified top tech candidates for the role. While searching for a strategic recruitment partner, you need to know what to look for in terms of recruitment methods. While hiring an external strategic recruitment team may come at a price, it’s worth the investment. Focus GTS specializes in IT strategic recruitment and has had immense success in placing candidates with the right clients. Roles that stay vacant for months are typically filled quickly once the external strategic recruitment firm takes over. And that’s what happens when you work with an expert in the industry — you can move at a much quicker pace. 

Identifying Your Hiring Needs Properly

Tell me more about wanting someone with 5 years of experience of that 3-year-old technology

Imagine you want to order a pizza. You know you want mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes as your toppings. But when you place the order, you say, “I’d like a large pizza please.” So, you can’t exactly be disappointed when the delivery person brings you something you didn’t want. 

This is when strategic recruitment comes into place. The more specific you are, the better candidates you will attract. This includes soft and hard skills, years of experience, and software knowledge.

It’s also great to include a summary to introduce what you are looking for. It allows candidates to quickly determine if they are qualified. A job description is also an opportunity to showcase a bit of your company culture. For instance, a witty and funny description may indicate a casual and fun environment. 

It’s your first introduction to a potential candidate so you want to make it a good one. 

Contact Valuable References 

Anyone can get a friend or co-worker to vouch for them. What holds much more value and weight is a reference from a current or former manager. This person can speak to the candidate’s skills, performance, and behavior. 

At Focus GTS, recruiters are required to receive high-quality references from candidates. This ensures that when they are matched with potential employers, no red flags come up. The same can apply to your company

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