9 Reasons Why It’s Easy to Work With Focus GTS

October 9, 2020

Why is Focus GTS a leading IT Staffing and Recruiting Agency?

Working with an IT staffing and recruiting agency can help free up your company’s resources and time. At Focus GTS, we source and create long-lasting relationships with top talent.

Does your company struggle with the following problems? If so, you will benefit from an IT staffing and recruiting agency that specializes in niche talent. 

Three problems that can negatively impact your company’s hiring R.O.I:

  • HR or an Internal recruiting team won’t always send you the right candidates. The role might be open for too long, and you don’t know why. 
  • You spend too much time explaining your company’s needs to non-technical people who specialize in recruiting for technical, not specialized roles. 
  • You can’t find qualified candidates. There’s a lack of candidates or you don’t have access to them due to budget constraints. 


How will Focus GTS transform your hiring process for better results? 

Our goal at Focus GTS is to simplify your hiring process. We personalize and adapt to your specific needs. We can also guide and advise you on hiring best practices that retain, instead of chase away talent. Our skilled technical recruiters will ensure your job descriptions and expectations meet market standards. We’ll represent your company to top candidates once we iron out these details. 

Why should you use Focus GTS services if there are less expensive staffing agencies to choose from? 

Nine out of ten times, you get what you pay for. With an exclusive talent vault and network, our IT staffing and recruiting agency has specialty expertise and industry knowledge to help you get the talent you need. Why would you work with a traditional recruiting agency that can’t get you a quality hire, or doesn’t have your best interests in mind? 

At Focus GTS, we use an Engaged Recruitment approach to help you transform your hiring process and eliminate inefficiencies at your company. 

Plus, a percentage of our gross profit goes toward the fight against human trafficking. Work with a leading niche specialty IT staffing and recruiting agency that can get you top talent and work towards ending crimes against humanity. 

How can a specialized agency like Focus GTS help scale your team and hiring process? 

As a niche firm, we specialize in matching exclusive niche candidates that your internal or HR department otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Have your internal recruiters ever experienced difficulty filling an open IT role? We specialize in filling hard-to-fill roles so you can go back to focusing on other aspects of your company’s most pressing needs.

Can Focus GTS candidates apply through your website? 

Since we work with an exclusive pool of IT niche talent, their information is exclusive only to clients that work with Focus GTS. Our talent pool is in-demand because of their unique skill set. Unfortunately, we cannot have candidates apply through your website directly. 

We have a unique talent vault that can be accessed by clients that choose Focus GTS for niche specialty recruiting. Our IT recruiters are constantly working hard to search and maintain relationships with top candidates on the market. We are able to establish and get talent on an exclusive basis. It’s something that many traditional recruiting agencies don’t often have access to. 

Our talent pool information is confidential unless you begin working with our tech recruiters. We’ll facilitate and handle the process of reaching out to the candidates and begin introductions between the client and talent. 

What type of recruitment search method does Focus GTS use and why? 

We use the Engaged Recruitment method for best-recruiting results. We use this method because we value the power behind establishing long-term partnerships with clients and candidates. Our unique recruiting method is proven to help clients find candidates that bring ROI and value to the table. You can read more about our recruitment strategy on our blog here

What type of services do we offer? 

We offer the following recruitment services: Permanent, Contract, and IT executive search.

What is the turnaround time for contact roles?

The typical turnaround time on contact roles is 48hours. Our IT Staffing and Recruiting Agency provides speedy, quality recruiting services to effectively source and connect you with leading niche IT talent. 

What is the turnaround time on permanent roles?

At Focus GTS, we work alongside your company timeline to ensure that a permanent role is filled as soon as possible. We’re always thinking one step ahead of the recruitment game. If you have an urgent permanent role that needs to be filled, chances are that we already have qualified candidates that we can present to you. We focus on a quality hire, not a quick hire. 

Why is Focus GTS more effective than other recruiting agencies or vendors? What do you do differently? 

Our IT recruitment specialists are plugged into their assigned market and understand the unique challenges many companies face when filling niche IT roles. We offer an Engaged Recruitment and strategic approach to matching candidates with clients. 

Constant communication, networking, and extensive research are our core strengths to ensure that you’re getting a quality match, not a temporary or quick match. 

We think long-term. Other recruiting agencies might not have your best interests in mind. They could be rushing to fill an open position, but haven’t really had the experience to understand the specifics of a niche IT role. 

Our technical recruiters are highly experienced and have exclusive access to a niche talent vault featuring candidates from Fortune 500 companies and other top tech organizations. Get a quality hire from a specialty IT staffing firm that knows how to help your organization thrive. 

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