3 Reasons To Work With Cloud Staffing Specialists

October 14, 2020

How do you benefit by selecting a cloud staffing specialist partner?

The concept of “niche” or specialized refers to services or products that appeal to a specific demographic. As an IT staffing agency, our recruitment specialists focus on qualified talent that has “niche specialties”.

Our recruitment specialists match top-quality candidates that specialize in niche skills for Cloud staffing, Digital Marketing Technology, Data Science & AI, and BI & Analytics.

Think of “niche recruiting” in the following real-life analogies or (fictional scenarios):

  • If you have digestive problems, your primary care physician will direct you to see a specialist doctor. A primary care physician wouldn’t be able to administer the endoscopy and advise on the specifics of a gastrology issue.  

In the same way as the above example, you want to work with a niche IT Staffing Agency that has cloud staffing specialists that can hire specialized niche roles.

When you work with a recruitment specialist, your candidates are all aces

Consulting with Skilled Cloud Staffing Specialists

You want to work with a specialized staffing agency that can get you the best results. Highly skilled Cloud Staffing Specialists will not just look at the skillsets attached to the role, but the “total package.”

They should be able to provide helpful consulting and offer valuable insight into crafting the specialty role to attract the right candidates. 

Some clients are looking to be matched with a candidate who has more specialized skill sets within certain areas of the Cloud. Many clients are looking for specialists within the specialty.

For example, they want to make sure this Cloud candidate has the same coding languages that the company is using. The skill sets must be relevant and extremely specialized to match the job description.

Quick Turnaround: Time-Efficiency and Top Talent 

Did you know that the longer a role stays open, the more money it could cost your company? This impacts negatively your company’s R.O.I, and that is why we say “Time is money”.

There’s no need to work with multiple non-specialized recruiters or HR. They won’t always understand the specific technicalities of a role.

If you are doing that, then you’re working with a recruiter who might have never filled a Cloud role before.

You want to work with Cloud Staffing Specialists that actually know the candidates, the role, and the market.

You want to work with a niche IT staffing agency that can make it easier, not harder for you.

At Focus GTS, we are recruitment specialists who take a very focused and strategic approach to niche recruiting for Cloud and other specialized industry roles.

Why work with Focus GTS to fill your Cloud role? For starters, we’re time-efficient and can help match you with the specialized candidate you’re looking for.

  • We can provide a 24-48 hour turnaround time on providing you with qualified Cloud candidates.
  • If you work with a General Recruiter to fill a Cloud role, they’ll most likely be scratching their heads, rushing to fill the role. They usually have to sacrifice the quality of talent to fill a quota and get the job done.

Niche Cloud Staffing Specialists

In order to find a top niche candidate that specializes in the Cloud, it makes sense to align yourself with Cloud Staffing Specialists as opposed to a General Recruiter for general recruiting needs.

It’s important to find a recruiter that is knowledgeable about the Cloud Technology space as opposed to a General Recruiter who could be filling a digital marketing position one day, and then a niche Cloud position they are not familiar with.

Align yourself with a cloud staffing specialist now!