Social Responsibility:
Partnership With O.U.R

Fighting against human trafficking
one placement at a time.

We donate a percentage of our gross profits to this organization

When you work with us, you fight with us.

"We've always wanted to be a business that can give back."- Dave Fox, CEO of Focus GTS

Since 2013, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued over 3,000 victims of sex trafficking all over the world, most of them children. To aid in their rescue and recovery efforts, Focus GTS will be donating 1 percent of its gross profits to the organization.

As the partnership grows, Focus GTS will continue to explore additional ways to support the organization in its fight to end human trafficking.


You're contributing to rescuing children from this eradicate evil

The U.S. is one of the highest-ranked countries for human sex trafficking. We want to bring light to this issue and help people realize that it’s happening right here in our backyard,” said Brittany Fox, co-founder and managing director at Focus GTS. “It’s something that we want to help prevent and that’s why we decided to partner with Operation Underground Railroad.”