4 AWS Hiring Challenges You Should Account for in 2021 

February 2, 2021

Various startups and businesses across the globe are shifting their digital transformation processes to the cloud. Demand for AWS hiring and cloud specialists continues to skyrocket (no pun intended). 

As an Amazon subsidiary, AWS is a top cloud provider powering several business operations. 

With more businesses transforming their digital practices, it’s no surprise that many are looking for candidates with specialized AWS skill sets in 2021. 

According to Amazon, their AWS cloud platform provides 175 services ranging from database storage to content delivery globally. Government agencies, startups, and various other companies have been using the cloud platform to improve business operations.

It’s no surprise that niche specialty positions within the AWS space are in demand but still increasingly difficult to fill. 

According to CIO, some of the top 10 tech jobs in 2021 will include cloud architects, mobile applications developers, and security professionals.

Cloud specialists frequently get bombarded by a ton of messages from recruiters on Linkedin. All because they have in-demand, specialized skillsets for emerging technologies. 

The demand for cloud specialist roles and new emerging technologies is projected to increase over the next three years. However, 30% of specialized IT roles will still be hard to fill through 2022.

Having an AWS Hiring Plan to Fill Your Roles Efficiently

Unfortunately, many employers struggle to fill open tech role positions, especially for specialized cloud roles. You should prepare to anticipate AWS hiring challenges in the future when looking for qualified niche candidates. Use our Cloud Hiring Guide to save time and money when hiring AWS professionals

It’s important to have a backup plan and consider partnering and working with a specialized niche staffing agency that can quickly and efficiently fill these positions. 

At Focus GTS, we have an existing talent vault and have maintained ongoing communication with prospective candidates. It’s easy for us to direct you to find the right AWS candidates. We are tapped into the market and stay plugged into the latest AWS hiring challenges and trends. 

These days, nearly every industry or business has been looking for ways to strengthen its organizational workflow and iron out inefficiencies and reduce costs. 

Many organizations are diverting their attention to enhancing their cloud infrastructure and putting AWS hiring at the top of their priority list. 

We’ve highlighted some of the challenges with AWS hiring this year: 

AWS Hiring Demand Outpaces the Supply for Qualified Niche Cloud Candidates 

As many organizations and large-scale enterprises rely on the cloud for essential services, the demand for quality AWS candidates continues to increase. 

According to Forbes, professionals with advanced cloud and security skills are both in higher demand than in previous years. The problem with this is that there are not enough qualified niche candidates to fill these vacant roles. 

According to a 2020 survey report, 86% of IT leaders predicted that a shortage of cloud talent would slow down cloud projects. This could have several dire consequences for businesses that rely on the cloud to run their businesses.

Unfortunately, demand is currently outpacing the supply for enough qualified specialized cloud professionals. The lack of available AWS or cloud professionals could affect organizations for years to come. 

Companies Place More of an Emphasis on Candidates with Soft Skills 

A candidate that possesses the whole package will be increasingly vital for many AWS roles. These days, it’s important for candidates to have interpersonal, communicative, collaborative, and other soft skills in addition to their technical specialty skills. A candidate that can juggle deadlines and troubleshoot technical operations along with building connections is a highly sought-out skill. 

Given the impact of COVID-19, many of us in the workforce have had to adapt and learn how to communicate with our colleagues virtually. While still meeting company goals and ensuring that businesses are fully operational. It takes teamwork and the focus on a candidate’s soft skills to lead the way for digital transformation and innovation. 

Retaining Talent and Reskilling Candidates in Vital AWS Skills 

Many companies are increasingly looking to nurture talent through their internal pipeline instead of looking for external hires. Doing so requires patience and the willingness for leadership to communicate with current employees and help them improve and enhance their AWS skill sets. 

Training current employees could lead to better talent retention, rapport, and cost savings. With the increase of emerging technologies, many companies are looking to reskill current employees. 

According to Talent LMS, 42 percent of companies started upskilling and “reskilling” their employees shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over the next decade, reskilling candidates is a trend that is predicted to occur more often. 

AWS Hiring for Remote Positions is in Demand 

“In the past year, we’ve seen businesses gravitate toward AWS services to upgrade their processes. This means that companies are relying on AWS and need qualified candidates that can deliver on cloud-based projects and fill much-needed AWS roles,” says Focus GTS CEO Dave Fox. 

With the impact of COVID-19, in-person workdays shifted to virtual. More companies have relaxed their policies regarding working remotely. 

Need help filling an open AWS cloud position? Speak with one of our specialized recruiters today. Align yourself with an expert at Focus GTS