5 Adobe Marketing Cloud Jobs That Are Hard To Fill

January 26, 2021

Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a powerhouse platform that has transformed the way people do business and deliver impactful digital experiences. 

Over the years, it has evolved into a single cloud-based content management system. It handles eCommerce operations, marketing, and digital asset management, building audience profiles, and more. 

According to Zarantech, a majority of website operations are utilizing AEM, which is part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. So, it’s no doubt that all eyes will be on specialized Adobe Marketing Cloud jobs for years to come. 

There is definitely a growing demand for tech specialized candidates with Adobe Marketing Cloud skills. However, most Adobe technology roles are increasingly hard to fill. 

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We’ve compiled a list of top Adobe Marketing Cloud jobs that are hard to fill but in demand. 

AEM Developers and Architects

There is a growing demand for AEM Developer and Architect candidates that can take on complex technologies beyond the scope of traditional web development.

These roles are generally difficult to fill because “AEM touches so many levels of the web development stack that an individual developer needs to have a much bigger breadth of knowledge than an ordinary web or software developer,” according to Sammy Kumar, marketing and technology engineering specialist at GM Financial. 

Usually, an AEM Developer/Architect is responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from seamless UX to ensuring that front end development and other features are up to par. An AEM Developer or Architect will be tasked with designing, building, and testing methods for a company’s AEM applications. The candidate should have strong AEM and AMS experience with front end development. Also, an understanding of design and CSS based frameworks can be required. 

In general, many companies have transformed their traditional CMS platforms and switched to Adobe AEM. Traditional web developers might lack the specialty skills or experience required to troubleshoot and navigate the AEM system. This is why it’s important to find a candidate that has traditional web development experience in addition to AEM. 

According to Zarantech, AEM is a compound tool that is difficult to get right and involves more than just coding. It requires a more specialized skillset from AEM developers that can navigate the complex platform. With businesses switching to the AEM platform, the demand for Adobe Marketing Cloud jobs is rising. 

Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) Consultant

This is another hard-to-fill role because it involves both technical and business-savvy consultant skills. An Adobe Audience Manager Consultant works heavily on the client-side. It is trained to help drive conversions and move audience creation forward through the Adobe Audience Manager platform. 

The Adobe Audience Manager platform is a data management platform that combines data sources in one place and helps target users across the web for traffic purposes. It’s also a platform that helps “build unique audience profiles” without violating a user’s privacy. This platform also makes it easy to advertise effectively through targeted approaches, according to Abobe. 

An AAM Consultant does everything from troubleshooting to helping clients successfully implement applications and solutions while monitoring and solving technical issues in the process. 

With a technical and business consulting approach, an Adobe Audience Manager Consultant role is very much needed for businesses who want to leverage and stay on task with the changing platform. Many companies typically look for 8-10 years of digital marketing, consulting, data management platforms, customer service, or specialized marketing software experience for this specialized role. 

Adobe Target Developer

Adobe Target helps clients and businesses identify their “best content” through testing algorithms. This allows clients to optimize and help customers receive a quality experience on client-side applications, mobile apps, IoT, and more, according to Adobe. 

So what does an Adobe Target Developer do? 

In general, companies seek an Adobe Target Developer with 8+ years of hands-on experience with the Adobe Target platform. They should be able to have experience with design and documentation, as well as several years under their belt as a web developer. They should be able to optimize and customize codes, Javascript, and various tag elements. An Adobe Target Developer should also be able to deliver personalized experiences by running and analyzing several A/B tests. This specialized position also requires the need to create technical documents to better explain interaction diagrams and data flow. 

Lastly, the Adobe Target Developer should know how to provide optimal site experiences using both the Test and Target through Adobe Target. They should also have a solid understanding of various web technologies, development platforms, as well as client-facing tasks such as understanding profiles, audiences, and patterns. 

Adobe Analytics Consultant

The Adobe Analytics platform is “a leader in customer analytics functionality,” according to Adobe. The platform aims to provide smart features that make data and insights easier to use and understand. 

Usually, a candidate for an Adobe Analytics Consultant position will be tasked with organizing data into personalized visualizations that help businesses make better and smarter marketing decisions based on insights and data. Adobe certified Adobe Analytics Consultants are not always easy to find, however. 

Adobe-certified consultants can help your team by providing implementation solutions, optimization and website changes, seamless design, and overall better results and training based on an understanding of data and analytics. 

AEM Forms Developer

AEM Forms is a platform that allows people to create and publish digital forms. It can be integrated into various business processes, according to Adobe. These AEM Forms can work across web and mobile channels. It can help deliver personalized communications and track information, according to Adobe. 

An AEM Forms Developer will have specialized skills that range from an understanding of Adaptive Forms to JavaScript and documents of record and accessibility. Typically, an AEM Forms Developer role will require at least 3 years of experience in an information technology role. This includes experience in web form development utilizing AEM Forms and other platforms. In addition to creating business solutions using AEM, they are responsible for overseeing and providing a responsive design. They provide implementation and assistance for form design, data, and other critical elements. Some of the qualifications include various scripting languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as well as SQL Server database tables. 

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