5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Azure Staffing Agency

February 23, 2021

As Azure staffing experts, we understand that candidates that specialize in Microsoft Azure technology are in high demand. It seems like every organization is on the hunt for cloud technology talent in 2021. 

Working with a Cloud recruiter specialized in Azure provides many benefits. Companies save time, money, and resources by optimizing their hiring process. Anyone can post a job with the required qualifications. However, it takes the expertise from an Azure staffing agency to focus on the needs of your company. It will maximize profits and achieve results. 

While traditional recruiters are great at what they do, they may lack the knowledge of dense niche specialty skills that a specialized agency or Azure staffing agency might have. 

We have listed the top 5 reasons why tech companies should use an Azure Specialized Staffing Agency. These are contract-to-hire positions, temporary work, or even full-time positions where you may need someone with a command of AWS or Azure skills. 

Azure Staffing Specialists are Well-Experienced and Established in The Market

Typically, generalist recruiters or in-house teams will not provide turnaround the same results as specialized Azure staffing agencies. For instance, our Azure staffing team is connecting and speaking with candidates all day, every day.

Candidates with in-demand skills like Azure and AWS often get bombarded by generalist recruiters all the time. Usually, a candidate may receive as much as 7-10 solicitations per day. For inexperienced recruiters that do not have experience in niche specialties, the chances of hearing back from candidates are slim. 

While generalist recruiters or tech recruiters seem like a good choice, they may lack the technical lingo required to fill qualified candidates in Azure and AWS. It is important to use an Azure staffing specialized team that can match you with quality talent.

Our Azure recruiters are on the market 12 hours a day. They are plugged into the industry to help meet your company’s needs. As Azure staffing and recruiting experts, we can advise your company on salary requirements, candidate preferences, and demand. 

We also have an understanding of what your competitors may pay. When we speak to candidates, we understand what drives and motivates them, so we make sure we gather all the information on behalf of your company. 

Time is Money. Let an Azure Staffing Expert Help You. 

A specialized Azure staffing agency will work diligently to screen candidates because they understand that time is money. 

With the specialist’s knowledge and expertise in emerging technologies like AWS and Azure, they are well equipped to translate technical nuances. They can find quality candidates that will result in positive ROI for your company

As a specialty staffing agency, we can initiate the hiring process with ease and can help you achieve better results that will ultimately save you time and money in the long run. 

Here are some of the additional benefits of saving time with specialized Azure and AWS recruiters:

  1. The recruiter that handles all aspects of your account is the same person speaking, sourcing, and vetting candidates. This helps reduce confusion and iron out inefficiencies while being respectful of a candidate and company’s time. This model is used to ensure a streamlined screening and recruiting process. Through our strategic recruitment process, we make sure that the candidate meets all the requirements of the job.
  2. At Focus GTS, many clients and companies have been pleased with the fast turnaround time and specialized recruiting services we provide. With a 5-star Google review, we don’t take our job lightly and are proud of our commitment to filling in-demand specialized roles and helping companies achieve their hiring goals. 
  3. Access is another huge aspect. At Focus GTS, we have access to an extensive talent vault. We’ve narrowed down the search and can identify candidates best suited for a specialized role. 

 An Azure Staffing Firm has an Existing Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

As a specialized staffing agency, we know when our candidates are looking for a more competitive position. Most companies turn to specialized recruiters that have existing relationships with clients and talent. 

Experienced specialized recruiters can effectively communicate and represent a company on their behalf. Most likely, experts distinguish themselves from traditional recruiters in a variety of cloud technologies. These are the recruiters that are invested in your company and continually establish and regularly meet with the candidates. 

It’s essential to work with an engaged specialized staffing agency that values the importance of human connection and face-to-face meetings. At Focus GTS, we maintain relationships with both companies and talent. The reason why a company should consider partnering with a niche staffing firm is due to their pipeline. Azure staffing experts are constantly in touch with highly qualified cloud candidates. They can find quality candidates with hard and soft skills, which can help boost the company’s rapport and productivity. 

Companies are more likely to seek the services of a specialized recruiting agency that invests in making connections and helping retain the best talent. By being highly connected to a niche talent pool, these expert recruiters have established themselves as experts in emerging technologies and finding in-demand tech candidates. Niche tech recruiters provide advice during the hiring process that average recruiters will not.

Our Azure Market Specialization, Your Win

Using an Azure specialized staffing agency can help you find quality niche candidates your company needs. For instance, a generalist recruiter might not possess an understanding of the full scope of an Azure or an AWS role. They might have difficulties distinguishing candidates with great skill sets but are not right for a specialty role. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable staffing agency with a vast specialized talent vault can reduce hiring inefficiencies. It can also save you the time of filling a role for the wrong candidate. 

Extensive Network

When you work with an Azure specialized staffing agency, they’ll likely have an existing talent vault of highly qualified candidates. They also have extensive knowledge of tapping into candidates who are not yet in the market but are considering a career move. Essentially, specialized recruiters have plenty of candidates in mind for hard-to-fill positions. Many go above and beyond to maintain relationships with both clients and talent to ensure a smooth recruiting process. 

If you want to ensure your hiring results with a specialized staffing agency like Focus GTS, we’re happy to partner with you.

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