Focus GTS Testimonial: Why Use a Specialized Recruiter

April 27, 2021

Meet Jill, the CEO, of Digital Solution Partners. Her company recently hired a Solutions Architect in the AEM space. Her team was specifically looking for a talented Adobe Experience Manager professional but wasn’t sure where to start. Finding, vetting, and interviewing candidates is a lengthy process when done correctly, and can be quite a daunting task – especially in the fast-paced tech industry. In a pinch, a specialized recruiter or specialized recruitment agency can save you both time, and money – but until you’ve worked with one, you may be hesitant to commit the resources needed to start the process. 

What is a Specialized Recruiter?

A recruiter is someone who finds talent and persuades them to join a company. Most recruiting agencies have a one-size-fits-all approach to finding a candidate. Typically, they are not a specialized agency – most recruiting organizations deal with candidates across a diverse spectrum of job types. This can mean that their recruiters may not have the expertise needed to find the right candidate for niche tech roles. When looking for a candidate with specialized skills, it’s often best to use a specialized recruiter like Focus GTS.

A specialized recruitment agency focuses on developing a talent pool within specific industries, or niches within a specific industry. In other words, their expertise is specialized – they know their market (and their talent) like the back of their hand. A recruiter who understands the processes involved in a specialized area like Adobe Experience Manager, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform will be much better equipped to assist in staffing an open role in that area. Seeking out this expertise can be a huge advantage for a company that is looking to hire a top-tier candidate in the tech space quickly and efficiently.

Working With a Specialized Recruiter is Easy

The benefits of working with a recruiter speak for themselves, but may not be immediately apparent. If you’re unsure about utilizing a specialized recruiter to find the right candidate for your tech roles, you’re not alone – Jill shared your reservations, as she had never used a recruiter before. Jill heard about Focus GTS thanks to one of her employees, who had been heavily recruited within the tech space and had been approached by a member of our team. This employee recommended that Jill schedule a meeting with our team to discuss our services.

Working with a headhunting agency like Focus GTS can be a big leap of faith, but as Jill soon learned, it can be well worth the time (and money). Jill says, “There was initial doubt – do they really know what we need? Our HR budget wasn’t that large but doubt was set to rest once we started receiving candidates. Look at the time we saved, and the caliber of candidates we received… We never felt pressured to change our own internal processes or speed up the process, either. It was a great experience all around.”

Working With Focus GTS is a Partnership

Jill worked directly with one of our tech recruitment specialists and described her experience as organic and incredibly smooth. The communication was very simple; Jill gave us the role and her parameters, and we took the reins from there. Jill described the back-and-forth as feeling natural, and very quick; she also commented on how responsive our team is. She was extremely straightforward about her criteria, and her recruiter took any feedback she had to heart, tweaking the candidates he presented to her in real-time as she gave her input. In fact, she had her first three top-tier candidates within 24-36 hours! 

And, as a testament to our expertise when finding candidates for your tech roles: Jill says she was so happy with the quality of the candidates we sent her, that she actually made an offer to one of the first candidates Focus GTS provided. What did she like most about the experience?

“Working with Focus GTS truly felt like a partnership.” – Jill DAmato

Jill rates her experience with Focus GTS as a 10 out of 10 and says that she will certainly use our services again in the future. During the course of our conversation, she remarked that she did approach a few other agencies. None offered the focused, dedicated approach that Focus GTS has championed. Per Jill: “This was so much simpler – I knew where I stood. Other companies just don’t have the expertise in the niche market we were looking in; their approach was much more generic. Our role was in a space that Focus GTS specializes in – so working with them just made sense.”