How To Scale Your IT Department And Improve Hiring

November 30, 2020
How To Scale Your IT Department And Improve Hiring

To start, we would like to say that recruiting for an IT department is different. There are more jobs than qualified candidates. And on average, “Gold Tech Candidates” get 5-7 LinkedIn solicitations per day. It’s a different game when it comes to niche technologies. 

The point being, an IT department needs to be more tailored or implement their hiring process. IT niche roles are becoming harder and harder to recruit.

IT is an important and critical field. Because of AI and Data Science, every company is going to have to become an IT company. 

This means the demand for niche IT skills is going to increase. And it’s not every IT skill, but key in-demand skills. 

We’re going to have more people with similar skill sets, but I think the demand is going to increase faster than the supply grows. 

I think it’s because we’re overthinking it, and making it too complicated. 

We need to be more outcome-focused and strategic in knowing exactly what we need at this moment.

It’s understanding why we need a candidate for the role and the specific requirements that meet that expectation. That’s it. It’s very simple and straight to the point. 

Bring up the hiring issue at an internal meeting

To make successful hires in your IT department, you need to step up your hiring process and talk about the job at an internal meeting. 

Take control from the very beginning

You should take control of the hiring process of your IT department from the very beginning. Consider whether you would like to have a recruiter on your team or if you would personally like to be involved in vendor selection. 

Get passionate about being in control of the process. Understand the value of being in control. If you are not passionate about the process or excited about your job, that’s a whole other issue. 

Be vocal about it

Once you begin the process, you have to be very vocal about it. It’s like that saying, “Only the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Isn’t that right? 

So the louder you are, the more likely people are going to pay attention to your company. So you need to identify what the issues are and eliminate them. It might sound a little scary at first because it causes some friction, but you have to take risks. 

When you implement a better hiring strategy and eliminate inefficiencies, you’ll get better results. And guess what? There won’t be any more friction or confusion because you’ve simplified your process for your IT department. 

I’d make this very bold claim: I think I would be hard-pressed to find a company that has a recruitment process that we can’t make better. 

Eliminate hiring inefficiencies to get an IT position filled 

The average time it takes to fill an open IT role in the U.S. is 63 days. 

And, what’s even crazier is the amount of time to fill a role has been getting longer every single year. It doesn’t make sense. 

Buying something on Amazon takes a shorter amount of time than a lengthy hiring process. 

With Uber, you don’t have to call and wait. You’ll get same-day service. 

But when it comes to companies and their hiring processes, it takes much longer. Many companies have not streamlined their confusing and lengthy processes yet. 

Remember that you can make any process more efficient once you eliminate the inefficiencies at your company. 

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