AEM Developer Pre-Qualification Interview Questions

November 24, 2020

In the following article, you will find how Joseph Musa, our Director of IT, who is a niche specialist IT recruiter, makes an in-depth pre-screen for AEM candidates. He will go over the essential processes and AEM interview questions.

My name is Joseph Musa. I specialize in recruiting and staffing candidates in the AEM Development and Architecture. Right now, I just want to take you through a couple of AEM interview questions that I do with all of my candidates before I send them to migrate clients like you.

AEM Pre-Screen & AEM Interview Questions

Because authenticity is so important within our industry, I always want to make sure I’m sending an AEM developer to an AEM developer position. So when I’m talking to these candidates, I want to understand more about the custom components that they’re doing. I make sure they’re not the guy who just brought the water to the guy who was developing.

D.A.M Experiences

So the next thing that I ask about is their D.A.M experience. No, I’m not being a potty mouth. I’m simply talking about Digital Asset Management. Because as we all know, CQ5 and AEM content management systems, we need to understand how candidates were using data in their last project. Also, how they were organizing the data and building those custom components. This will allow seeing if it properly aligns with my future client, which could be yourself, hopes it is.

I make sure that everything is fluid so that it’s a match-to-match with what they used to do previously and what they’re doing on your project moving forward. We all know that all good things come to an end at some point. For us, we want to make sure that these candidates have end-to-end experience.

ISGI/FELIX Experience

On our side, we’ll make sure to ask them about their lifecycle OSGi/FELIX bundled experience. We make sure that they didn’t just come through on the half of an implementation. And also, that they understand from beginning to end how they’re going to be able to assist your team to get their end goals.

AJAX, JQuery, and EXTJS Experience

My other 3 must-haves are AJAX/JQuery/EXTJS. Experience with these is my top must-haves when pre-qualifying an Adobe AEM Developer. As Adobe pre-compiles published pages into static HTML, so dynamic content is pulled via AJAX, and EXTJS is used to create custom widgets for editor dialogs. 

Javascript, CSS HTML Experience

This is more tailored for the front-end Adobe AEM Developers. But essentially you want your AEM Developer to have some CSS/Javascript experience – it will play a big role when it comes to AJAX calls. You want them to have the ability to apply a quick style to the component instead of waiting for the web developer to do it. 

FaceTime or Zoom with the Candidate

Another thing that we do is we FaceTime candidates to speak with them in real-time. I prepare AEM interview questions and processes to make sure that everything that they’re saying is lining up with their resume. On top of that, going and speaking with multiple of their previous managers on previous projects. This is to make sure that everything they’re saying is lining up with your project as well so that you’re getting the best tech talent on the market.

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