Why Focus GTS is The Best Staffing Agency to Work For

December 1, 2020
Why Focus GTS is The Best Staffing Agency to Work For

In the following article, I will dive into my story of how I became part of Focus GTS, and why I think is the best staffing agency to work for.

I was recruited to join the Focus GTS team by COO Brittany Fox. For transparency, I went to an  in-person interview and thought to myself: “You can go see what this is about, but I’m certain they won’t have much to offer.” 

I couldn’t be more wrong. 

Within three minutes of being introduced to Brittany and Joseph Musa, I quickly realized that Focus GTS was not an average staffing company. 

The Most Energetic Staffing Agency  

People were dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments in the room behind me. During my interview, I still made it clear to Brittany and Musa that they needed to sell me on the benefits of joining Focus GTS. The interview was welcoming and enticing, the room was filled with positive energy.

As I drove back home one of my many thoughts was that I could not believe I just shouted, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” (In an interview!) Shocking, YES! 

I’m extremely money motivated, but I’m also conservative. I would have never let my guard down so quickly. 

It’s Not An Average Staffing Agency

I later learned that it was not out of place at all because the team at Focus GTS is full of highly motivated, relentless, innovative, and integrity-driven individuals.

Previously, I worked for two Fortune 500 companies and another startup. My first startup was more prominent and well-known than Focus GTS. So, I wasn’t sure about taking the gamble with Focus GTS, which was a firm that was even smaller in size. 

My next thought to myself was, “How do you feel about going from large corporations to a startup, to an even smaller startup?” 

“Elizabeth, people are going to think you are crazy,” I thought to myself.

By the time I got home, my mind was made up. I was excited about the thought of joining Focus GTS. 

Want to know Why I Think Focus GTS Is the Best Staffing Agency To Work For

It wasn’t just because of the awesome work culture driven by leaders who inspire everyone to grow professionally, personally, and financially. It’s also because these leaders are literally putting their money where it counts: Investing in their team. 

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in sales and recruiting. I’ve inspired and advised amazing A-list players on phenomenal career opportunities. It’s a joy to watch this talent grow and increase ROI for the company

I’ve seen all different types of compensation plans for the talent I recruit (including myself). 

My advice is that in order to become successful in staffing/recruiting, you should join a company like Focus GTS. Choose a company that invests in you and understands that your success is THEIR success.  

Two main reasons why Focus GTS is the best staffing agency to work for: 

  1. Training, innovation, and tools. At Focus GTS, we dedicate our mornings to training, mastering businesses, and innovation. We all participate in these “pumped up” meetings as a team. There is one morning dedicated to training, another dedicated to mastering the business, and lastly a morning meeting dedicated to innovation. We all participate in these things together, as a team. If we aren’t training and innovating together, then how are we going to understand our markets and what tools to test? Speaking of tools, each recruiter gets a LinkedIn premium account as well as other tools to ensure their success. We also test different tools regularly to implement them into our system. If it works, we run with it.  It is all about optimizing our customizing process so we can better FOCUS on driving results for our candidates and clients…so they can focus on what they do best! 
  2. Understanding what is required to be successful. We are authentic and transparent at Focus GTS. I learned this the moment the compensation structure was shared with me. It is the simplest and most lucrative plan I have ever seen: 1. A base salary, which is based on your relevant experience and the overall value you bring to the team. 2. A commission structure that is not complicated. It is based on the monthly gross profit/billing you generate for the company. There are four tiers: 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%, uncapped. If you make  $1 over the tier amount, everything during that month is paid at the higher tier. Yup, it’s that simple. I appreciate the fact that Focus GTS has been transparent about compensation from the very beginning.

The Highest Compensation in Recruitment

I speak to many recruiters every day and a majority can’t accurately explain how they get paid. I’ve discovered that their compensation plan has changed many times to the point of confusion. Either that or they are complacent with the quick pro quo. 

There are also some recruiters that are on a draw. Most commissions start at eight percent. I have even seen five percent with a cap! Then there are recruiters who are paid a salary with a bonus structure. I’ve been there. Is your bonus capped?!? Probably. 

Lastly, the internal culture of the company is something that you should take into consideration when deciding what type of staffing company you’d like to work for. 

Is the internal team supporting and inspiring fellow colleagues, or are they waiting to take the person down? (e.g. “Hunger Games”). 

At this IT staffing and recruiting agency, we are constantly inspiring one another by helping others change their focus, input data, or gain mastery in a particular field. 

We are 100% in this together and our integrity is our identity. Our team is full of energy, passion, relentlessness, integrity, and innovation.  If one of us has a challenge, we all come together as a team to solve that problem. 

We know there are certain results we are trying to achieve, and we are fully committed to them. 

We Have a Big Purpose

One of our “whys” is our shared purpose. We donate a percentage of our annual gross profit to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization that is fighting to eradicate human trafficking  

When we come together as a focused team, we can inspire change and go beyond our role as recruiters. 

Life’s too short, so enjoy the adventure every single day. 

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