How does an “Independent Contractor” Staffing Agency Work?

January 19, 2021

If you’ve hired contractors within your organization for various roles, you might be familiar with the process. But if you have not hired a contractor using a staffing agency, read on.

When it comes to hiring, “independent contractors” are a popular choice. Many organizations prefer to work with independent contractors staffing agencies, especially in the tech space. It is extremely relevant when it comes to implementation and migration projects. 

As the world shifts into the remote and gig economy, corporate America is shifting with it. Tech titans like Google, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon now employ thousands of contractors in the tech departments to do a host of functions – anything from writing code to managing teams and testing products.

Hiring “Independent Contractor” using a staffing agency

Contract staffing services

Contract staffing, also known as temporary staffing, is when an employer requests a staffing agency to provide a candidate for completing a short-term assignment. This contract can be between 1 month and a year at an agreed-upon hourly billing rate.

The staffing agency covers the costs associated with contract personnel. This might include general liability insurance (FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers compensation, and unemployment insurance).

Staffing firms also issue year-end W2’s and may provide paid holidays, health/dental/vision insurance benefits, a 401k plan, and annual bonus checks.

When you’re looking to hire independent contractors through a staffing agency, it can help fill those hard-to-fill roles with quality candidates that can boost your organization’s productivity and growth. Choosing the right independent contractor staffing agency can save you both time and money. 

Contract-to-hire staffing services

In a contract-to-hire agreement, an employer and the independent contract staffing agency agree to terms on a predetermined length of employment before a full-time offer can be made to the candidate by the employer.

Once the contract period has been completed, the employer has several options. They can bring the candidate to their payroll as a full-time employee, continue the contract if both parties agree, or end the contract.

By working with a technical staffing agency, a company will have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s skills, work habits, and gauge the candidate fit in your unique culture and working environment before a direct offer is made.

One of the big benefits of contract-to-hire is flexibility in the hiring process.

What’s the cost of using an “Independent Contractor” staffing agency? 

As an employer, the cost of using an independent contractor staffing agency varies. At Focus GTS, we work within your budget so you can feel confident that you won’t incur any additional fees. 

Before we begin our search, we’ll do a discovery call to identify your unique hiring needs, timelines, and desired skills of the candidates. 

What is the process like when working with an “Independent Contractor” staffing agency?

We aren’t sure how other contractor staffing agencies work, but we sure know our processes have proven effective. Once our team has a detailed understanding of the job requirements, we go to work. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the best-specialized candidates that offer the best value for your organization’s needs. 

Every IT/Tech staffing agency has its own process for how they source and interview the technical talent. We have a strong network of qualified candidates, and we use it when it comes to sourcing for our clients. When looking to expand your team, you are going to want the best of the best. 

Once sourced, we start our qualifying process. Qualifying is one of the most important steps of the hiring process.  

Once the candidates are qualified, you receive 2-3 of the top picks. Rest assured, we know your time is valuable, so we send over nothing less than the best. We value feedback and always look to improve therefore feedback is essential to moving forward. Say you love the candidate and you want to make the offer, off to the next step we go. 

Why choosing a specialized technology “Independent Contractor” staffing agency is the best option.

Here’s why our niche specialty firm gets you fast results: 

  • On average, 95 percent of our jobs are filled within two weeks. 
  • We don’t just copy and paste a job description. We do market research and tailor our contracts to the specific needs of clients. This is to ensure that all candidates meet the requirements for the position.

When you hand the recruiting process over to our independent contractor staffing agency, you won’t have to deal with the logistics or small details. 

We’ll iron out any inefficiencies and maximize the time spent finding a quality candidate for your organization. 

For instance, we will tailor contracts to what our clients desire, and we will also work within your budget to ensure you get the best results. 

Candidates will not incur costs for our “Independent Contractor” staffing agency services.

If you’re a candidate looking for a career change or a better compensation package, working with our specialty firm will be of no cost to you. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting.

We will work out our fees with the client and remain committed to helping our candidates find their next great opportunity in tech.

Why “Independent Contractor” staffing agencies are ‘safety nets’ for clients and candidates

For Candidates:

Finding an independent contractor position through a tech specialty staffing agency might be the right decision based on your unique situation.

If you are looking for flexibility in hours or a change of pace without committing to a sudden career change, you might want to consider working as an independent contractor. As a candidate, you have the opportunity to be listed in our exclusive talent network vault and be contacted by one of our recruiters if you are the right match based on your specialty skills. 

You won’t be charged because we must help you get matched with a reputable company where you can utilize your strengths to your full potential. 

For Clients:

We work within the scope of your budget. You won’t be charged any hidden fees or unsatisfactory results.

As a client, when you work with our independent contractor staffing agency, you will know the upfront costs and payment for our services. We’ll secure a quality candidate for you and ensure that we won’t go over your budget. 

When we take on your unique organization’s hiring needs, we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

We work as a trusted partner for both clients and candidates. 

We are with you every step of the way, from the initial job spec call to sourcing and keeping you posted on the recruitment process. Also, we conduct accountability calls and consistently check-in with our clients and candidates on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure everything is going well. 

As a niche staffing agency, we strive to offer fast hiring placements. We do this while being cognizant of finding quality hires and reducing hiring risks. With our extensive talent vault, we have a growing pipeline of high-quality candidates ready to be placed in specialized roles. 

If your company only requires independent contractors for a short duration of time, you can reach out to us. We will make sure we fill that position with a qualified tech candidate using the efficient tools we’ve implemented internally. 

When you need a reliable independent contractor staffing agency, turn to Focus GTS. We’ll do our research and ensure that everything is smooth sailing from here on out. 

Align yourself with an expert at Focus GTS. Reach out to one of our niche technology recruiters today.