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Director/ Sr. Solutions Architect

Shab Selim

Shab Selim
Willing To Relocate Anywhere in the United States
Base ID: 64406


Corporate Restructuring Acquisitions and Mergers Harvard Business School 2009

MBA E-Commerce MUM 2001-2005
MBA with Honors BZ University 1994-1996

Professional Summary:

  • 20 + years of professional IT experience 
  • 10 years working directly for MICROSOFT, establishing their Global Cloud 
  • Experienced certified professional in Windows, Azure, AWS, SQL, Dynamics, Oracle, Azure AWS O365 Security, Compliance, Azure AI (6 different Certifications for Azure Architecture)
  • Led Projects in implementing using Azure PaaS services like SQL Azure database,  Azure data warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory
  • Developed 4 proprietary Cloud Frameworks for Azure & AWS Cloud engagements
  • Cloud Enablement Framework
  • Cloud Security Framework
  • Cloud Optimization Framework
  • IAM Framework

Previous Company:



Azure Certified Az 300 Architect Services

Azure Certified Az 301 Architect Services

Azure Certified Az 500 Cloud Security Services

Azure Certified DP 201 Architect Services (Azure Big Data)

Azure Certified DP 200 Architect Services (Azure Big Data)

Azure Certified AI 100 Artificial Intelligence

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Senior Data/AI Scientist

Adya Dara

Adya Dara
Los Angeles, California - United States
Base ID: 71560


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Professional Experience

  • 10+ years in the IT space.
  • AI Scientist, Data Scientist with Engineering, and Computational Science background.
  • Exploring the capabilities of modern artificial intelligence and deep neural network solutions to practical problems.
  • As a Data Scientist professional, experimenting and implementing data analysis methods with efficient tools to derive accurate outcomes from big data.
  • Experience in developing end-to-end ML pipelines and deployments. Provided computational collaboration to scientific research through molecular models, simulations, and data analysis in academia.

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