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Advisor / Head of Data Science

Annika Orlov

Annika Orlov
Willing To Relocate Anywhere in the United States
Base ID: 74814


Certificate, Global Emerging Leader, Harvard University, Manage Mentor Leadership Solutions.

Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics, Kerensky Institute of Physics, SB Russian Academy of Sciences.

M.S., Physics and Engineering, Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Professional Experience

  • 20+ years in the Tech Industry.
  • A proven leader with a passion for data. Head of Data Science with an ability to analyze complex situations, and develop creative solutions.
  • Subject Matter Expert advising in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, eCommerce, Healthcare, Finances.
  • Head of Data Science with knowledge in algorithmic solutions, quantitative modeling, image processing, behavioral targeting modeling.
  • A Data Science professional who worked with an Agile team of full-stack engineers. Env: AWS, Cloud Computing, Google Analytics, Google Big Query.
  • a Tech professional who managed innovative DS and AI projects focused on seeking solutions to real-world problems.

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Technical Cloud Architect

Anthony Tabeh

Anthony Tabeh
Raleigh, North Carolina - United States
Base ID: 68379


MS in Computer Science & Information Systems – Texas A&M University

Executive Education in Management – Harvard Business School

Professional Summary

  • Spent 5 years as a Senior Lead Cloud Architect at Amazon (AWS)
  • AWS Cloud Engineer that spent 7 years as an Engineering Lead at Microsoft
  • Proficient in Python, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and more
  • A Cloud professional who is hands-on technical leadership, design, architecture, and implementation
  • Architecting and implementing highly scalable distributed systems in the public cloud
  • Data-oriented workflow orchestration frameworks
  • Continuous-integration, templatized deployment, and configuration management
  • Serverless, containers, DevOps, and operational security

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